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Clamshell printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 12:02:50 EDT 2000 | James

Does anyone out there use a semi-automatic clamshell printer in production with pitches down to 20 mil? I would appreciate any advice you have on process control and setup parameters for this type of printer. James

Transition Automation screen printers

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 16 13:29:03 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

Is anyone still making parts for these printers ?

Manual stencil printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 07:24:57 EST 2017 | karolis

Manncorps MC110 is AUTOTRONIK BS110, just sold on Manncorps name. We are using same printer for 3 years. Frame holder will brake soon, when using 29"X29" holder. But you just need to add U profile on holder (for strength)and fix it with few bolts. A

Transition Automation screen printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 11:34:47 EDT 2007 | clampron

http://ateksystems.com/ This is the company that bought the rights to manufacture these printers so he might be able to get parts. Harvey Bower is the contact. Good Luck Chris

Manual stencil printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 07:15:33 EST 2017 | mikelynch

I am looking at purchasing a larger manual stencil printer. I have several 29"X29" frames so I would like to get a machine that is compatible. Does anyone have any experience with Manncorps MC110 or similar? Appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

Re: Clamshell printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 10:42:26 EDT 2000 | James

So Darby do you use your clamshell printers in production, if so what volume? Do you use a snap off distance? With our current printers the board is held with tooling pins, when the stencil is lifted the board has a tendency to stick and lift to so

Re: Clamshell printers

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 04 15:45:27 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Ditto to everything said. If everything in the process is correct you will have good success at 25 mil but it will take much care. I have done 20 mil on this type of printer but, as Steve says, I wouldn't want to on a daily basis. Those wipe-offs a

Tooling for printers

Electronics Forum | Wed May 10 13:38:46 EDT 2006 | russ

My experience has shown that nothing can be directly swapped between machine Mfgrs.

board-lok for printers

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 01 17:46:30 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi I keep getting these flyers and wonder if anyone has used this particular type tooling from Transition Automation http://www.board-lok.com for DEK or MPM printers. I searched the archives and didn't find anything via "board-lok" or "board lok"

board-lok for printers

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 10:19:57 EST 2003 | jseagle

We just got Red-E-Set from Production Solutions for our DEK ELA printer. It is a similar concept, it's mechanical instead of hydralic or pnumatic. The print results are very good and the operators love how easy they are to setup. I am planning on

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