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Quad 4C place problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 11:33:19 EDT 2010 | gantry228

Also, ensure you have taught the pickup and have the part on the nozzle when teaching the placement Z height.

Quad 4C place problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 10:08:13 EDT 2010 | leemeyer

First I would only be concerned about the front panel led's if the transport is not clamping. These LED's are most likeley burnt out. If the transport clamps your sensors are working properly. If you are seeing a "Place 1 Z" on the handheld it is ask

Quad 4C place problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 06:08:45 EDT 2010 | miroyu

Hi everyone ! I started to program quad 4C for the first time and have some problems. First, board detection LED and proximity Led (on the front panel) are not lightning whatever I do! Second problem is I teach machine board size, nozzle locations

Quad 4C place problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 09:26:26 EDT 2010 | Bobpan

Hello, There should be a page in the manual that explains the proper way of manually teaching a program. It has been too long for me to recall the exact steps. Here is some stuff that should help you. Do a function 3 on a placement and this will show

Pick and place labels

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 11:50:54 EDT 2004 | JB

We are using a standard nozzle Once placed, the label is not flat, the ends of the label are slightly lifted on both ends. The label is .650 x .200 Have you guys run into a similar problem?

Pick & place

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 08:49:57 EDT 2007 | slthomas

If by 15 mil accuracy you're looking to place 15 or 16 mil pitch, yeah, you're asking a lot of a IVc. Ours do OK for 20 mil pitch but I wouldn't want my living to depend on placing high volume ultra fine pitch with it. They're not designed for that.

Mydata pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 12:15:32 EST 2000 | Neil

I am looking for a Mydata users group, one possibly located in the Chicago area. If such a group does not exist, I would be more than happy to help start one. I have an older Mydata TP9 (non-UNIX) machine, with weak (yet expensive) support from the m

Pick and place labels

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 12:02:57 EDT 2004 | Frank

Yes, I can see your problem, the nozzle makes only good contact in the center and so the ends don't make good contact. The ends tend to curl up during reflow. There were two suggestions to solve this. 1) Let the operator push down the labels befor

Pick & place

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 13:49:16 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, I don't know anyone who uses Mancorp, and apart from this forum have never heard of them. I guess the big problem I faced when getting into SMT is trying to find a machine that could do what we wanted at a good cost. I originally purchased MYD

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 09:11:12 EDT 2001 | Grant Petty

Hi, I would agree. We purchased a TP9 just the slow machine, but we were a small company at the time, and it worked fantastic. Almost no maintenance, and it's a dream to changeover. The serivce in Australia is also very good, but that does not appl

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