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Mirtec aoi

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 02:45:47 EDT 2007 | laplooi

Whe have the Mirtec about 2 years now, the question is, that when you have 100 components to check he give's 20 to 30 failures that no failures are. are there people they have the same problem?

Mirtec aoi

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 09:23:27 EDT 2007 | pjc

If you are in the Americas, I'd contact tech support and they should square you away on that high false call rate problem. They have great WebEx training and troubleshooting. www.mirtecusa.com

aoi inline

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 17:00:57 EDT 2001 | mparker

Start with a definition of what you expect the AOI to achieve at each station. Will your in-line machine be post print? Place (pre-reflow) or post reflow? Rather than buy one very expensive machine to put at the end of the line, maybe a couple of

please inform me of problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 29 16:45:00 EDT 1998 | Clifford Peaslee

| Hello all, | We at SMTnet are ready to introduct a new and improved forum. I am sure all regular users will find | it substantially more useful than its predecessor. | The forum will be shutdown between 3 and 4 EST. Any messages submitted during th

Re: please inform me of problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 07:41:58 EDT 1998 | Wayne Bracy

Cliff Just a great job. We are so lucky to have this available to us. Thanks to you and all your staff. Wayne Bracy

Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 19:27:50 EDT 2007 | kevinjm

We have a similiar problem with kester em907, a pb free paste. You say that your AOI system picks up blocked apertures, do you mean that the printers own camera looks at the stencil and sees apertures blocked? Or, is it picking up insufficient paste

Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 11:03:11 EDT 2007 | Michelle

We now have an AOI in our process after printing and have noticed that all the small aperatures are getting clogged by solder paste. Mainly on all fine pitch parts. We are using Kester ws R562 SN63/PB37 mesh -325+500 90% metal. It was manufactu

Soldering Strength of 0603 Component

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 00:26:07 EDT 2010 | mskler

I want to check this becuase we are exporting the PCB & there is problem of components missing at customer end in some PCB while we are doing 100% AOI & then ICT testing. These components are checked by both. there is no possiblities that the compone

Visual Inspection of PCBA

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 13:52:17 EDT 2019 | valletta

Hi Aurther, Thanks for a prompt reply. I agree but unfortunately our AOI is 2D and misses a lot of solder defects especially on connector terminals which are surface mount. We are also dependent on operator at AOI to mark the defect if caught by AOI

Effectiveness of an AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 04 17:29:03 EST 2003 | Maribel Espinoza

how do you justify the use of a AOI. I have heard about CyberOptics AOI, have any of you? Thanks

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