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Capability study of a turret head component mounter

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 07:35:37 EDT 2000 | Henrik Eklund

Hello everyone out there, I have been working in the SMT process for a couple o years now, and now I'm partly responsible for the turret head component mounting process. We are about to buy new equipment and I want to do a capability study of this m

Nitrogen, Measuring the effectiveness of

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 21:42:12 EDT 2002 | rwilliams

I have been involved with the reflow process for many years. However, my most recent position now includes the use of Nitrogen. In studying the reflow process and using Nitrogen, it seems to me that it would only make sense to be measuring the O2 lev

Re: Calcualtion of expected yeilds

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 05:04:01 EDT 2000 | JohnW

Hi Guy's.... Was thinkng about i more this moning..in the shower actually...sometimes think I do my best work there!. So far I'm looking at stuff like integrating the DFM study to show thing's that are going to present production / process issues e


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