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Escalation process

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 22:59:27 EDT 2001 | mantis

We have the same kind of escalation scale but with shorter times,if the operator cant fix it the technician is called,and this is where we differ slightly the technician will usually know if the problem is going to take some time fixing or wether a v

Escalation process

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 12:27:57 EDT 2001 | nifhail

Can anyone share with me the best timing for the escalation process, let it be either equipment downtime or process downtime ? Our SMT line is really up to the throat. I used to hv an escalation process like, say if the printer down, the machine will

Escalation process

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 30 22:07:40 EST 2001 | fastek

I spent the better part of 17 years in the middle of such situations. The best advice I can give you is to keep the repairs out of the operators hands as much as possible. This means at a machine down situation, once it is determined that the printer

seeking better process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 11:52:31 EST 2001 | J.D. of Panasonic

Ed, You certainly are ready for some equipment. I noticed in your message that you mentioned cost three times. So it is a very big issue to you. What everything depends on is where you see your company going in the next few years. Do you want

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:03:56 EST 2006 | davef

Q1- Will we be able to select the materials (flux and alloy) and run the process depending only on ourselves, distributors� help, machinery documentation, web data and �trial and error?� A1- Your materials suppliers [eg Kester, Alpha Metals, etc] wil

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 14:47:28 EDT 2008 | amcross

Never said it was going to be an easy one to fill. :) Seriously, we have a strong process technician on staff now. we have had a degreed engineer previously when we originally built the facility, and are seeking the engineer's mindset and education

OT: HNC Mechantronics

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 07:51:59 EDT 2001 | darren jones

Hi All I am currently a maintence/process technician who is looking to forward his career into the engineering side of the industry. I will soon be starting a HNC mechatronics course (1 day a week) and wondered if any one knew of any sources of info

Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 14:29:00 EDT 2002 | cyber_wolf

Why is it disturbing to you ?This fascinates me. My true identity is an SMT process technician with over 11 years of experience in this industry.That should be sufficient for this forum. Why on earth would you need to know what my true name is ? I a

Need help on create new MPI

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 20:23:06 EDT 2017 | tey422

I am a process technician (promoted from SMT operator) working for a CM. Now I got assigned a new task, to create new MPIs for the production process. Since I am still new to other aspects of the whole production process, i.e. rework, touch up, I wou

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 11 10:32:10 EDT 2008 | JH pbf

Got to agree with CK and Patrick. A very brief career history: 1992 Engineering Apprenticeship 1994 Job as a Temp, placing components in a local electronics firm 1996 Made perminant Process Tech through experience gained 1998 A year selling solder a

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