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silicone conformal coat and electrical contacts

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 02 08:36:14 EST 2007 | CK Flip

Wow, I cut first cut my teeth in the Industrial motor control industry. My 1st company made motor control products like variable speed drives, solid state overload relays, soft starts, etc. and in our shop, we used nothing BUT Dow Corning silicone p

Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 21 17:46:29 EDT 2006 | SD

First of all, do not use kapton tape! It tends to cause a dewetting effect around the tape. A call to Humiseal will explain why. There's not really a blanket answer to your question.... Removing cured liquid mask can often result in a fillet ef

Masking of PWBs prior to conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 11:50:05 EDT 2006 | amol_kane

Hi BJ, Everyone's favourite answer...it depends! If the volume if large, masking boots will save you both, time and money in the long run. Custom boots are relatively expensive to buy, but they pay themselves over time by savings on masking tape. ma

Simple conformal coating machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 12:08:10 EDT 2015 | derrikf

I built one using an old Asymtek Automove. When all was said and done, it cost less than $400, including what was paid for the machine itself. It's a very basic setup, (air over syringe), but for our needs it does everything and more. With air to syr

Table top conformal coatings systems

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 08:02:22 EST 2012 | cobham1

Our production runs normally are 20 piece builds. We don't what to brush because of the brush marks left behind. Reason we wanted a machine is more control then dipping with a tub and modified paper clips. The other problem we have is the company as

face mask for conformal coating operator

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 08:35:03 EDT 2019 | robl

For brush and dip coating we are using professional fume cabinets - https://monmouthscientific.co.uk/products/fume-cupboards/ 1.8m sized.

BGA underfill necessary with conformal coat?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 21:20:30 EST 2002 | davef

There is two major BGA coating camps. * Camp #1: "We require the coating to be under low stand-off devices but with no filleting. So we apply a thinned dip coat first, and then top-off with a proper spray coat" * Camp #2: "We want no coating under th

Acrylic VS Poly Urathane conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 26 23:33:38 EST 2010 | raghu

Thanks for your reply sir, We have done production with Machine application earlier, of control electronics sub- assys of some boards with acrylic conformal coating by using one tank... And some boards with polyurathan conformal caoting by usin

Conformal coating removal machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 08:32:45 EST 2020 | stephendo

We bought a conformal coating removal machine AKA a sand blaster at an auction. It is a CCR2000 especially made to be ESD safe. Does anyone have any experience with sandblasting conformal coating? We mostly use humiseal 1A33 and UV40. When we use the

Conformal coating removal machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 10:05:13 EST 2020 | dontfeedphils

In a past life I used a Swam Blaster from Crystal Mark with the media from them as well. I used it on Humiseal 1A31 and 1B31 (I think those were the products, it's been a little while). This machine and material were awesome IMO. Made CC removal a

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