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What causes Bga corners to lift during reflow

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 27 09:32:36 EDT 2003 | mantis

All, I was wondering what causes the corners of a bga to lift during reflow process.Now just to clarify i have been running this one particular product for 4 years and i have the process and reflow profile down to a tee.But recently i have witnessed

Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 05:37:34 EST 2000 | Vishy

Hi smt team : I'm looking for info. on the Siemens productivity lift concept by actual users. Anyone has any info ? On a related topics , can anyone refer sites where there are papers on equipment utilization improvement ? SMT line Cycletime simul

Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 11:54:13 EST 2000 | Chen Zhou

Vishy, We have a project to study the impact of productivity lift in SMT lines using discrete event simulation tools (AutoMod is what we use). As Mr. Lahat found out, the high fidelity simulation of productivity lift is non-trivial. However, we have

Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 04:40:31 EST 2000 | Vishy Narayana

Roni: that's some news...do you have more details...you can email me, if it's not confidential.. by the way, what does Arena simulation software do ? aside to all smt-netters : Have you heard of any other SMT line simulator software ? pls. lemme

ICT Fixture Lift

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 14:46:00 EDT 2013 | dyoungquist

Would something like this work? http://www.patientliftusa.com/products/electric-patient-lifts.html You would have to build a custom harness to match your fixture but it is in the $1K-2K price range.

Re: Siemens Productivity Lift Info Required

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 04:20:50 EST 2000 | R Lahat

Vishy, I was in the same boat. I had to run 3 siemens smt lines and get good results. I used the Arena simulation software to program in my 3 smt lines and found it very complicated but can be done. In parallel I took in industrial engineering stude

Socket in wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 28 20:05:54 EST 2010 | aungthura

Dear all There are alot sockets in our products,BIB.These skts are lifted abit after being solderd with wave machine.If the skts become lifted, how much tolerance of the high is acceptable? as example 1mil~5mil,or,1mil~8mil. Pls advise me. Thanks in

Interpretation for IPC 600H for Clause 3.3.2 (Lifted Land - Cross Sectioned)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 15:20:50 EDT 2014 | davef

Your customer is correct. Your supplier has clamped some sort of machine to your butt and has plugged it in the wall outlet. Honest mistake: * IPC-A-600H, 3.3.2 Lifted Lands - (Cross Sections) ... pertains to boards that were cross sectioned after t

Clamshell versus Vertical Lift Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 11:47:27 EDT 2001 | keith47611

When considering a new semi-automatic stencil printer, for low volume high mix production, could anyone elaborate on the benefits of vertical lift-off versus a Clamshell design? Money can be saved with a Clamshell design, but what specific limitatio

Wave Solder Bean Bags

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 05 18:24:50 EDT 2016 | padawanlinuxero

Hi have you try to use some type of adhesive like loctite or a solder mask to avoid lifted components, we use both in 2 different products, we use loctite to avoid a hall inserted in a plastic carrier, lift when being solder in the solder wave, the s

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