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Industry Standards for distance of PCB's in reflow oven???

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 20 01:27:21 EST 2005 | C. Kolokoy

Try an experiment where you profile the assembly with 3 consecutive boards in the oven spaced just 1" apart versus just 6" apart and then 12" apart. You figure most ovens have about 12 - 16" heating zones, so for your typical 8"x8" PCB, you'd have w


Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 21 12:29:52 EST 2001 | mparker

Now that we know where you've been and what you wish to accomplish next, I can still give you some suggestions. 1. Get IPC-7912. Use it to evaluate your CM's. Especially if you have multiple contractors supplying like products. You will quickly see


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