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Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 21:27:51 EDT 2019 | smtusa

Has anyone had bad luck with dek proflow cartridges?

DEK pro-flow

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 15:54:19 EST 2007 | pms

pr, I don't believe there is a differance in performance of the ProFlow head between "Leaded" and "Lead-Free" paste. We have been using the ProFlow for about 4 years now with leaded paste. Yes, some issues to overcome. Mostly in the brand/type of

Dek ProFlow Head

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 17 09:06:26 EDT 2000 | Chad

We are currnetly looking at switching form squeegee's to the Dek ProFlow head system. Just looking for feedback on the performance compared to squeegee's. Also here the ProFlow reduces the amount of waste of solder paste. Can anyone reflect on these

DEK PRO-FLOW installation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 09 21:00:32 EST 2021 | dekhead

Unfortunately, with the Micron ('i') series of machines, DEK seemed to stop making "ProFlow Ready" the standard on machines. In general, there are additional pneumatics and electronics required for a ProFlow installation.

Re: Proflow of DEK screen printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 04 01:26:24 EDT 1999 | Jame Bond

Dear sirs, If you have experienced Proflow of DEK screen printer, please let me know the details of it. Best regards, Jame Bond

DEK pro-flow

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 08:58:53 EST 2007 | SRM

DEKs are the best. They blow all others away. Sure the Pro-Flow does tend to waste paste, and you do get some blow by, but once you realize you have the best screen printer available, you can live with trivial things like this. Squeegees are for i


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 31 19:23:12 EDT 2019 | smtusa

If I want to add DEK PROFLOW cartridge system to my DEK Infinity printer do I have to upgrade software? Is it worth it? I would love to eliminate operator error but concerned why DEK doesn't offer this as a standard option if its soo good?


Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 31 23:09:58 EDT 2019 | dekhead

ProFlow runs on standard software on Typhoon (Horizon/Infinity) printers. I won't make the "Is it worth it?" call as I have customers who swear by it, and some who wouldn't touch it again. Small % (

DEK PRO-FLOW installation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 09 17:24:09 EST 2021 | smtusa

I have a DEK Horizon 02i. Is it easy to swap between Squeegee and cartridge system just by installing the Proflow head assembly?

DEK pro-flow

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 12 21:38:38 EST 2007 | DEK Answer Guy (PR Dept)

Technical Papers) -ProFlow� upgrades (MPU's). -Paste Low Optimisation -Adjustment of the Print Carriage to ensure Squareness to the Stencil -Replacement of Hinge Pin Assembly -Conversion of ProFlow� to Horizontal Mount -ProFlow� Guides for Operators

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