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Amistar, CI-750 for sale with computer and manual

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 14 17:20:59 EST 1998 | Dan

Amistar CI-750, semi automatic dip inserter for sale with computer (computer interface option) and manuals. Reconditioned $10,000.00 or best offer.

Inspection and splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 14:05:41 EDT 2007 | splicetronics

More information on our SMT splicing tools, splice tapes and tape extenders can be viewed at http://www.splicetronics.com We can provide you with product samples and demo tools. Please email sales@splicetronics.com for an immediate response.

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 10:29:53 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

It can be used as a sales tool. Choose a CPK you want, then "adjust" your definitions and limits untill you achieve that. Just be prepared to explain that someone who is unavailable for explainations set up the SPC system, and you are just following

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 16:02:37 EDT 2002 | davef

Low Cost Flip Chip Technologies for DCA, WLCSP, and PBGA Assemblies; John Lau; McGraw-Hill Professional; ISBN: 0071351418; 2000 * Chapter 6. Flip Chip on Board with Conventional Underfills. * Chapter 7. Flip Chip on Board with No-Flow Underfills. * C

UPS and ROHS Compliance

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 27 15:39:08 EST 2006 | GS

Thanks Patrick yes I feel better now, but allow me a comment: Reason A: your answer confirms my tough. In general could be accepted Reason B: your answer "The primary function of ups start when electricity is "off" so the equipment is clearly exem

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 19:33:16 EDT 2002 | rob_thomas

Dave's estimation is pretty conservative but there is a lot of equipment out there and a lot of people happy to make a sale.Implementing both mentioned processes it's difficult and time consuming .Even if you get good training from whoever sells you

Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 15:36:58 EST 1998 | Alden Lewis

| We are in the process of assessing some medium volume, stand alone SMT Placement systems. Does anyone have any experience with :- | | 1) Europlacer (Specifically the Progress 6 or EP600) | 2) Intelliplace (DHM-120 or SHM-120) | | I have searched

Tape and ReelFacility in Europe

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 18:05:08 EST 2002 | davef

Without a direct answer to your question, this may give you an angle on finding a supplier. Consider: * Contacting the sales-types for either tape and reel equipment or cover tape. * Asking the sales-type for contacts for service companies like you

Juki KE-2050 and SMT XXS

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 06:12:27 EDT 2021 | w550735819

contact me,I can help you? sales08@feedersupplier.com

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 11:31:42 EDT 2008 | blnorman

Ideal situation is get a technical rep from the solder paste supplier. They know their paste better, and should be able to work out a profile based on their paste and your oven. Again, a technical rep, not the sales guy.

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