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tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 22:21:54 EDT 2001 | caldon

.............and since this link originated from march of 2000 I should not expect a response

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 10:56:19 EDT 2005 | pr

As Russ said, you do a DOE beforehand. BUT Maybe we are missing something, we do SPC after the wave (1/5) to catch defect trends and fix them with a minimum of inspection. If you are running a 2,000 piece pull, are you that confident that your origin

Material Ageing and Storage

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 10:32:25 EST 2001 | CAL

SCOTT- We do solderability testing for the electronics industry using a Multicore and Kester Wetting Balance testers. The standards we test to is IPC J-STD 002 for components and J-STD 003 for PCBs. There is also a system called SERA we co-developed

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 11:07:25 EST 2007 | stepheniii

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned the single most important factor. p.m.'s. If the nozzles are getting dirty and clogged it's not going to do a great job of picking parts up. Don't think in terms of variation. It's there it's unavoidable and undet

0201 and Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 17:41:04 EST 2011 | davef

A Study Of 0201’s And Tombstoning In Lead-Free Systems, Phase II Comparison Of Final Finishes And Solder Paste Formulations http://sheaengineering.com/Documents/APEX%2008%200201s%20and%20Tombstoning%20phase%202%20paper.pdf CONCLUSION The condition

MPM Up2000 and SMEMA

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 12 09:26:00 EDT 2016 | awhite

Our MPM Up2000 HIE is having a communication problem with any upstream machine we place in front of it...i.e. conveyor, board loader, etc. It all started when we removed a conveyor from inbetween it and a board loader, and hooked those machines up di

Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 11:35:27 EDT 2004 | Pierre RICHARD

Here are some answers to my questions after a good research. I also added more definitions that could help understand this esoteric language used in assembly, specially surrounding fluxes and their use. In blue italics are comments and extracts from

Solder Paste Storage and Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 12:38:11 EDT 2008 | davem

Steve, I forgot to put in the original post that the 2 friges are set on the maximum coldness settings.

x,y digitizer and optical comparator

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 17:04:31 EST 1999 | Michael Parker

I am looking for advice on sourcing a x,y digitizer to create pick and place files, off-line, rather than programming with the machine. I could use original gerber data or create the placement coordinates with the digitizer. Also, references to equip

Heat guns and component damage

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 14:58:15 EST 2006 | samir

You see? Chunks, here has the right idea! To the original poster, you need to show this post to your "Desk Jockey" Process Engineer. That's the problem with some Engineers today. They forget everything they learned in Engineering school, they get

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