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CIMBridge - programming software

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 02 12:12:24 EDT 2002 | angiewest

Our company is going to be using CIMBridge software for programming equipment and assembly instructions. Anyone using this software? Any questions I should ask before the trainer leaves?

GPD off line programming

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 12:09:27 EST 2002 | billschreiber

Hello Carl, Smart Sonic has introduced the Assembly Module for off line programming of assembly equipment such as GPD. You can see it on the Smart Sonic website: http://www.smartsonic.com Click on the AOI/StencilScan and GlueScan link. If you hav

About programming for Universal 6348A

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 09:35:59 EDT 2004 | nemachines


New equipment evaluation

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 08:16:04 EST 2012 | emeto

Hi, After you define what Hegemon sudgested, and you build your matrix you should still evaluate the machines inhouse if you can or at the manufacturers side. For me the most important parameter on a machine is the changeover time. Some machines you

used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 04:16:29 EST 2007 | Rob

Hi Steve, Depends where you are in the world too - if in the UK I would go for the Topaz - easier to program & use than the GSM2, if not as good a machine. However there's a lot of 3rd party Quad support if you're in the states.

Looking for equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 09:09:53 EST 2014 | alpha1

Rob, If you're still looking, please note that we can help you with pre-production line and process set up. Everything from paste selection, stencil ordering, pick and place programming and reflow recipe.

Questions about equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 15:50:52 EST 2007 | Frank

For a modest invest of capitol equipment and maybe some hair pulling to learn the process it shouldn't be terribly difficult to get your own production line up and running. You just missed a few trade shows that you could have went to and seen all t

used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 12:37:21 EST 2007 | slthomas

At this point I'm comfortable with my suppliers, although we will definitely look at the machines running and verify they'll build our products to our satisfaction. All three machines meet or exceed our requirements for component range, speed, accu

used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 14:13:31 EST 2007 | jax

You might want to try going to the manufacturer about getting a refurb unit with a warranty. All of the manufacturers listed provide refurbished equipment deals that can be packaged with feeders. If you go with a broker or 3rd party rebuild hous

used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 13:33:23 EST 2007 | slthomas

We're in the process of trying to select a rebuilt, refurbished, or well serviced flexible placer, something that's capable of placing in the neighborhood of 10k and up. We're a high mix low volume shop so easy setups is key. I'd be looking at a MY-9

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