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OSHA Eye Protection

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 20:28:29 EST 2012 | davef

OSHA regulates eye protection under 29 CFR 1910.132 I've had inspectors confirm that eye protection was ANSI Z87.1 compliant, but have never had anyone question the level of protection provided by side shields.

trace surface finish

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 08 18:06:30 EDT 2013 | davef

Protect the board: If solder mask protects the board, the level of protection is limited and inconsistent. If you want protection, you need the be thinking conformal coating. Selective ENIG: I believe the reason solderability protection, except mayb

ESD protection

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 15:28:52 EDT 2002 | arzu

thanks for the hint; i will go on searching for a way to prove that our protection is sufficient to customers/auditors

Goldfinger protection

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 15:22:40 EST 2003 | pquinney

Does anyone know of a good, cost effective protection for goldfingers during wavesolder process, besides KAPTON?

Feeder Protection Plates on Siplace S20

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 14:56:31 EDT 2002 | dougt

So what exactly is a feeder protection plate and how does it protect the head when it decides to continuously accelerate until it achieves its allowable travel distance on the machine? How often does this happen?

P&P Machine & ESD Protection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 06:57:41 EST 2003 | Doug

What methods are used to protect ESDS reeled components while loaded on a P&P machine? Is the tape & reel considered static shielding? What methods are used to protect ESDS components that are "in-process" on the P&P machine during PWB population?

PCB ESD protection

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 22 12:18:39 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi, As I read and reread, I don't understand your question. Is it a design protection for in use?? Is it packaging while shipping protection?? What is the signifance of the 3Volts?? YiEng, MA/NY DDave

PCB ESD protection

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 27 01:24:52 EST 2003 | Erez Nahoum

Hi, 1. The protection is for in use (to prevent ESD damage) 2. It is device that operate on 3v-battery, so its not connecting to earth. My question what is the prefer PCB layout of maximum ESD protection. Best regards, Erez

Protection of the component in the double Wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 03:29:56 EDT 2002 | Josef

I would like to ask you for help. We use mixed technology and we need to protect SMT components in double Wave. Currently we use the carrier for protection of this component. In this case this procces is not possible to use it due to gap between SMT

Block protection of Flash ROM

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 21:20:28 EST 1999 | Gyver

Hello all, Recently, we had a bad problem of block protection. You know, our programmer can't protect the 29F002 flash ROM, and our motherboard doesn't have 12 volts output for BIOS. So, from the preceding phenomena, it seems impossible to get a prot

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