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Flex Circuits - Bend proximity spec

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 04 17:42:11 EDT 2010 | davef

IPC-2223, Sectional Design Standard for Flexible Printed Boards

Flex Circuits - Bend proximity spec

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 08:11:25 EDT 2010 | muarty

Is there a specification in relation to the proximity to features that a Flex circuit should or should not be bent? I am experiencing broken tracks on some flexible circuits which appear to be getting 'flexed' directly adjacent to a soldered joint in

Flex Circuits - Bend proximity spec

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 09:46:47 EDT 2010 | davef

We know of no specification, but there are guidelines. Don'ts of Better Flexible Circuit Design and Manufacture; Mark Finstad; PCD&M; 01 June 2007 http://www.pcdandf.com/cms/magazine/95/3556

Panadac Parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 26 14:54:06 EDT 2010 | jtimmons

Looking for a proximity Sensor Panadac 918-18-1. Does anyone know of a source?

DEK Horizon Screener

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 14:16:51 EDT 2022 | dsmith

Hello and good morning. I've recently encountered an issue with a DEK tool and no one is able to remedy it. During the initializing phase, the table begins "bouncing" up and down and never stops, halting the process. There's a pass through proximit

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 26 06:25:56 EDT 2001 | John

Undertaking tricky rework project to remove two BGA's in close proximity to two press fit dip sockets any guideline sone should use??? proceddure ,process control etc


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 10:56:32 EST 2005 | Rob

If the Leds are not in close proximity then LDR's can be used connected to a node on the ICT/wired into a micro for a simpler board - you can then test for luminous intensity as well as absence. Else you could use a cheap CCD camera with some simple

Local Fiducials

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 19 14:32:53 EDT 2006 | curious

The fid is just a "known reference" location, the only advantage/difference is proximity to the part. It almost sounds like you are using the local fid as your part placement coordinates? So maybe the CS machine IS different but something doesn't sou

USB switch

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 29 09:25:14 EDT 2007 | slthomas

If you don't mind spending a little more money, you could just network them and share the printer (along with files, drives, etc). Wireless is really nice if they're not in close proximity.

MPM AP25 Problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 12 13:28:56 EDT 2009 | swag

When you teach the fid on the PCB and the camera then changes to stencil image, is it in close physical proximity to the feature/fid you wanted or do you have to move quite a bit?

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