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GSM machine stops randomly; "BM" bus master li

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 12:53:59 EST 2020 | ttheis

Thanks for the detailed information. I have a spare dc/dc converter on order to try swapping them. Another note is all dc power is cut out by the pdp.ps1, not just 12vdc. 24vac power remains.

MPM AP25 problem

Electronics Forum | Tue May 11 10:57:35 EDT 2010 | ehess

Having a problem where i have no drive on any axis. Machine powers up, but won't reset. I have 24VDC from PS6 and PS1, located in the upper drawer. I do not have 12VDC @ PS2 in lower drawer. troubleshooting guide says to check DPR in/out, which I

GSM machine stops randomly; "BM" bus master light out

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 23:57:21 EST 2020 | ttheis

Ok; is this the 5a box located under and behind the pdp? I see now in the diagram it is labeled pdp1.ps1. Any suggestion for what to check to determine if the problem is the power supply or something connected to it? I noticed that when the 12v po

BGA Bouble sided reflow overlapping

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 05 11:01:37 EST 2000 | Ron Lahat

I have in design a 400mm x 400mm pcb 3.0 mm thick heavily populated with BGAs 50 mil pitch and want to run a double sided reflow process with overlapping BGAs (CS/PS) 1. can I avoid a selective jig for PS BGAs?(weight calculation ?) 2. Is it possibl

Solderball Removal

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 03:10:43 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mates, need your advise here. we have solderballs on a model due to neglect by stubborn folks to follow issued process control instructions. the post-reflow PCBA has solderballs stuck in the NC flux residue and is not in compliance to IPC-A-610

Soldering Test Interview

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 10:27:33 EDT 2005 | nice90

Or you can use the Hot Air (Hakko) to remove that component and a tweezer to pull it. dont pull it just yet. If you see the solder melting then feel the component using the tweezer by wiggling it a bit and if you can wiggle it only then you can pull

Replacement valves for Emerald x / YV88X

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 20:11:21 EDT 2021 | compit

I have two machines - Emerald-X and Topaz-X. I cleaned (and changed Koganei electromagnets) only in Topaz-X - Emerald-X is in very good condition :) But my Emerald-X have SF (not FNC) heads. If head 1 is OK - change the relays with head 2 and check.


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