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Re: Paper Or Plastic / PSA Or Heat Sealed

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 09:06:06 EDT 2000 | Stefan Witte

Compared to paper tape, I find a higher defect rate on 0402 components in plastic tape even without the PSA tape. The plastic tape appears to be less shock absorbent and this may be the reason for feeding problems on small components. PSA tape has it

PSA 2668 Cover Tape on Fuji QP242s/QP351s

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 18:57:57 EDT 2004 | TWegrzyn

Does anybody have any experience with PSA 2668 high shear cover tape on Fuji QP242s/QP351s feeders? Does it perform comparable to PSA 2666? We are looking to implement PSA 2668 due to some cover tape 'pop-off' issues with our Siemens HF machine, bu

Cover tape not always pulling back on Fuji IP-1

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 10:12:16 EDT 2006 | flipit

It it PSA tape or heat seal? Every machine I have ever used has trouble with PSA cover tape. I wish they would ban in in ROHS. 3M tells me it is the future and it will replace heat seal tape.

Flex Circuit Assembly Process (Sitiffeners)

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 13:09:18 EDT 2010 | clampron

Good Afternoon, How is the stiffener adheared? If it is laminated to the flex, it may help you with the surface planarity through reflow. If it put on with PSA, it may cause more problems then it would solve. PSA gets soft through the reflow. It may

Paper Or Plastic / PSA Or Heat Sealed

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 05 16:49:11 EDT 2000 | Chris

Is anyone having trouble with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) cover tape used with embossed plastic tape? I am placing 0402 components out of embossed plastic tape with PSA cover tape. The feeders gum up, the take up reels are impossible to remov

Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 08:28:37 EDT 2002 | Johan Bergstrom

Many MYDATA customers might not be aware that some tapes are of PSA-type. They don't have to. In the early work with Agilis this was also an open issue for the design team, so several tests were made which showed that PSA would not be a problem. Rece

Agilis Feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 09:49:18 EDT 2002 | Roger

Is there any difference in performance when running paper tape or plastic? What's the smallest passive component that you have fed in the feeder? How does pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape perform in the feeder? PSA has a tendency to transfer

Cover tape tearing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 17:30:42 EST 2005 | GS

Yes Davef, storage condition and long time remaining on shelf could effect pealing strength, but we experimented that by using Polystirene Carrier Tape also this problem was reduced almost to zero. Df, If I am not wrong when you talk about pr

X-Ray Inspection of Plated PCB - Need Your Input

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 18:08:41 EST 2009 | lynn_norman

Back in a former life, we had 3 products that were PCBs bonded to aluminum boards. We used a PSA from 3M to bond the board to the aluminum. Polymers are almost invisible in x-ray, but ultrasound worked quite well. You should try CSAM. Don't know

PSA vs HAA Throughput

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 12 17:35:20 EDT 2000 | Gilbert Ramirez

Supplier currently using pressure sensitive cover tape. They tell me that getting a new system with heat sealed tape capabilities will cut their throughput in half. Could this be true?

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