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Re:Diff. Epoxy resin (ER) conformal coating Vs ER adhesive bonding matrl

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 14:46:46 EDT 2000 | Kal. Chak.

Hi folks, What are the differences between Epoxy resin(ER)conformal coating and adhesive stacking/bonding material? My PSA/PRA (Post solder/reflow assembly)bracket assembly process got some ER adhesive encroachment on pads/solderjoints. I have chec

X-Ray Inspection of Plated PCB - Need Your Input

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 17 18:08:41 EST 2009 | lynn_norman

Back in a former life, we had 3 products that were PCBs bonded to aluminum boards. We used a PSA from 3M to bond the board to the aluminum. Polymers are almost invisible in x-ray, but ultrasound worked quite well. You should try CSAM. Don't know


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