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Controlling Sodler Ball Contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 11:45:09 EST 2001 | sallyt

We are using a �spray� type stencil cleaner and hot DI water to clean water washable solder paste. I want to use the stencil cleaner to also clean misprinted PCBs. However, we consistently find solder balls on side A of a double-sided misprint. We

Stencil and board Ultrasonic cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 01 12:20:16 EST 2006 | cvoyles

Hi Bruno, I am an equipment reseller in business since 1994. I have a Smart Sonic MG3000 ultra sonic stencil cleaner in inventory. It is a stainless steel model with Delta Sonics brand ultra sonic generator. It is the guillotine type that raises a

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 16:30:33 EDT 2003 | T.Vick

You have received some great feedback so far. I would like to summarize and add a few points regarding maintenance. You should start (as recommended already) by verifying your component library data. Using the default values from the master library i

Re: Batch Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 21:45:11 EST 1998 | Dave F

Graham: I agree. Very thorny. What is clean?? And how is that controlled?? Back 25 or so years ago, soldering was done with high solids rosin fluxes. The issue with cleanliness was ionic contamination. The US military and others set a fairly a

Re: DFM / DFT information

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 13 22:20:38 EDT 2000 | Dave F

=10 mils larger than lead 3 silk screen legend text weight >=10 mils 4 pads >=15 mils larger than finished hole sizes 5 place through hole components on 50 mil grid 6 no silk screen legend text over vias (if vias not solder masked) or holes 7 so

Re: Hey Ya'll, let's talk about Lead fer' a bit...

Electronics Forum | Mon May 03 17:09:50 EDT 1999 | Wayne Bracy

| | How's the "Great Gas-out" going for ya'll? | | | | Myself, I'm doing real good! Haven't farted all day...(GRIN) | | | | Anyways, a thread got started down below about this so-called "Lead Free" stuff, and I just wanna' put my two cents in about


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