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QFN (LPCC) acceptance in Asia

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 20:09:19 EDT 2003 | John Tobias

I'm new to this forum. I hope that this isn't an old topic. Sales people in my company have told me that there is resistance to the use of QFN (LPCC) packages by small Asian (primarily Korean Repeaters and Chinese CATV) manufacturing houses. Does

QFN (LPCC) acceptance in Asia

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 09:38:56 EDT 2003 | caldon

Hi John- First, I do not have first hand experience so my input is pure theory. This type of package (in Some Cases) has a center grounding bonds and leadless legs ups the difficulty tremendously. With no stand-off from the Balls(or Legs) when the so

SMD acceptable criteria

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 00:43:13 EST 2005 | ajay

Hello All, Do any acceptable criteria is followed on DPM for SMD soldering joint / defect. We do face tough time with QA, as they demand 100%. Our SMD board is having about 2000 soldering point & even 99.90% ok (1998 points ok out of 2000) QA do not

SMD acceptable criteria

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 13:32:14 EST 2005 | jbrower

Hi Ajay, Does your company currently use any quality standards or is it made up as one goes by the QA department? You might find that using IPC 610A Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies very usefull. This manual is our base line for acceptable or

SMD acceptable criteria

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 06:25:53 EST 2005 | ajay

thanks for info Most of the defect soldering joint do not take place. Observe that PCB not cleaned properly & also component wetting not good. testing staff expect that all card what ever they receiev shuld be 100% ok. they straight forward complain

CCGA solderability criteria

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 05:14:18 EDT 2008 | sckee

Hi, Need help on the CCGA solderability criteria.I've actually run a NPI that using CCGA yet not sure whether the solderability is accepted or not. The alloy of the column is 80/20 and the surface of the solder joint is not smooth and shine. By chec

double sided reflow criteria

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 03 18:00:49 EST 2003 | slthomas

I know that the accepted (by some, although some say it may be too conservative) rule is anything less than or equal to 30 grams/square inch of surface contact area should stay on the bottom side during the second pass. How is that surface area meas

SMD acceptable criteria

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 11:56:08 EST 2005 | slthomas

Are you saying you can't send out boards that have been touched up or reworked, or are you saying you can't send out boards with defects on them? 100% is a great goal to shoot for but most people don't expect to achieve it. It all depends on what yo

CCGA solderability criteria

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 21 23:15:07 EDT 2008 | mika

Also keep in mind that the CCGA column length tolerance is at minimum +/- 0.13mm from most part manufactures and they don't collapse in the same way as a BGA, therefore the paste height deposit could be critical in some rare circumstances. Board warp

Leadless(passives) solder joint criteria

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 29 13:51:46 EDT 2000 | C. Ortner

We work in a "low" volume high reliability house building mixed tech double sided multi layer CCA's for long lived space applications. Our present problem is inspection questioning every dimple/anomaly on every leadless part(we put passives only thr

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