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Zevatech 740 RH Head - issues with rotation of component during laser recognition

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 18:15:28 EDT 2018 | maustin

The 740 has been a great machine for us. We've been able to reliably load components as small as 0603 (we've not tried 0402, but I believe with a special nozzle adaptor, you can get it to work) and place a 7x7 56 pin QFN with 0.4mm pin pitch with hi

QFN soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 10:58:03 EST 2007 | devajj

Best I can tell (Factory is in Mexico) is no solder from paste print. I'm ordering e-fab type stencils for them hoping to get better release. Also mandating they clean after each print, rotate their paste to keep it fresh, do LSM checks each hour f

QFN aligment issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 16:19:49 EDT 2012 | jorge_quijano

The PCB has 9 QFNs, distributed arround the whole board, but the ones in the edges are the ones with the problem. My stencil is 0.005" (I use to have a 0.006"), yesterday I realize after talking to my vendor that the stencil is manufactured in 2 step


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