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Asymtek Millenium NSZ sensor

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 25 12:01:28 EST 2017 | ttheis

I'm setting up a asymtek millenium m-cob style dispenser for the first time and running through the master offsets routine but when it attempts to find the needle in the nsz needle sensor it works in the x direction but when it attempts to locate in

Air Quality sensor for smt area

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 07 12:45:50 EST 2023 | tommy_magyar

All our extraction equipment is from Purex (I am a happy customer, I can highly recommend them). The one we are using is a 3 tier 9000-800i model. Also, all our extractors are pushing the air out, obviously through a lot of filters. Have a maintenanc

mpm up2000 z axis sensor mount location needed

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 16:07:22 EDT 2019 | ddfreeze

I have a silver aluminum z axis sensor that is not mounted, I need to know where it goes. The sensor has a picany rail type mount, triangular rail insert type. It is located in the board support nest area. Seems like it might go on the inside of the

Wanted: Impact sensor in roll form for Pick & Place SMT usage...

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 13:49:08 EDT 2001 | Ben Brandt

Hello everyone. I'm trying to locate (if it exists) an impact sensor (which would activate if hit or jarred) on some sort of roll form with 2 leads which could be easily placed and soldered through automation. If anyone knows of a supplier, I would v

Quad Qsv-1 Low House Air Pressure

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 29 09:13:46 EST 2008 | bobpan

I have seen this on our assemblers look in the machine and check to be sure there is no obstruction IN the down flag sensor located on the bottom of the front transport assembly.

Quad Qsv-1 Low House Air Pressure

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 29 09:15:23 EST 2008 | jdengler

I do not know the QSV-1, but it sounds like there is a sensor that would detect when the clamp is open. Try to find this sensor and see if it is working.

Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 25 08:36:32 EST 2014 | bobpan

Tep stands for the transport card. The board is located in the front bottom left of the machine and should be by itself and have green and red leds lit on the top of it. I would try to reseat the card and then try to reboot the machine. If the proble

Fuji IP3 clamping problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 16:55:54 EST 2002 | Steve E ( Fujiamerica )

This problem happens when a dark part is placed where the main conveyer stop sensor is located.The machine does a board check ( back to loading pos ) . If a part is under the sensor it absorbs the beam and the machine thinks there�s no board. The ta

quad qsv-1 gantry - quad align issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 11:28:47 EST 2008 | tbkonrad

Help! Since last Friday i have been having issues with a Quad qsv-1, it all started with a quad align error, i found there to be a small quantity of grease covering the lenses on both quad align sensors. I wiped the grease off and then everything s

Accuflex MPM X,Y table issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 04:41:38 EST 2010 | accuspares

Hi, The input indicators can be located by selecting the 'Input' page located in the 'Diagnostics' drop down menu. Just select the Align tab at the top of the page and you'll be able to see when the nearly home and home sensors change state. The pr

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