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quad ivc vision slug

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 12:42:50 EDT 2018 | arachid

Hi, i search for drawing of calibration slug to calibrate a vu4/6 vision system on a quad 4c. on my manual it is name spindle runout calibration slug but not have part number. if you can give me this drawing i will very apreciate it. I need picture,

quad IVc continue

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 28 10:26:55 EDT 2011 | miroyu

Hello everyone . I received lot of help from people of this forum for which I want to say "thank you" guys. I had problem whit initialization of my Quad 4C which just sits for 2 years after purchase. I manage to locate problem with laser diode on pla

Quad 4c autoprogram again

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 12 00:44:21 EDT 2015 | yadir

Hi, I just got a Quad IVc and I'm learning to use it, I got manuals and it is up and running on DOS with windows 3.1 but I noticed that it the Autoprogram is missing, Does anybody has a copy that can share. Regards Yadir

QUAD IVc or IIc?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 14:53:36 EST 2010 | leemeyer

I beleive that the big difference between the 2 machines is accuracy with the 4C having the better. Nozzles and feeders would be the same.

Quad 4c Sequence lead inspection electrical test qa...

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 09 02:25:35 EST 2013 | ngineer

I'm setting up a rather complicated job on our quad IVc. I was almost done (after days), and after i did the sequence, i saved it, downloaded it, and started checking the picks and places, well, i needed to change one, and went back to the sequence,

Quad 4c Sequence lead inspection electrical test qa...

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 12 07:46:26 EDT 2013 | ngineer

bobpan, It only happens with this program. CC ver 7.54, IVC V 3.05 If i leave CC out of it, and edit the sequence using the HHT, it sticks. but if i download from the assembler to CC, it's messed up. if i then fix it in CC, the minute i save

QUAD IVc or IIc?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 19 09:48:28 EST 2010 | navworx

We're looking at a QUAD IVc for our prototyping lab. I've had offers on several IVc, but one dealer wants to sell us a IIC. Are these units truly compatible? Do the feeds for the IVC work in the IIC and vice-versa? How about resale value - which

QUAD IVc or IIc?

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 07:28:16 EST 2010 | pcbrown

I have programmed and used both. The IVC is just an upgraded model of the IIC. They both work the same, same sofware, feeders, etc. The IVC just has more bells and whistles. I'm not sure what the differences are but I would opt for the IVC because I

Juky 570L or Mark IVc

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 21 15:37:46 EST 2007 | afm

We have been looking for an old machine (budget issues), and we have foud Juki 570L and Quad IVc to be around same cost. I have found some comments on the forum for the Quad (good in general), but not too much for the Juki. Beside the expected issues

Quad IVc

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 20 22:47:10 EDT 2010 | claudea2

I have recently purchased a used Quad 4C. I do not have the password for the AutoProgram. Is there a way to reset the password? Thanks Claude Arpin

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