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Easy and inexepnsive SMT machine?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 24 09:33:45 EDT 2011 | bobpan

An old quad 2C/4C with a workholder will probably fit all those numbers. 2Ft is pretty long though and that might be a little too long. Machine price range is about right. Programming is pretty easy. Good luck

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 20:15:23 EDT 2004 | Ken

My Machine guy was a 4 year ex-quad Service Engineer. Prior to that he spent 6 years in a CM programming and servicing quads from QX toQ3c/4c q100 series. These are opinions. Nothing more. I have noticed that the smallest players in the market

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 17:11:48 EDT 2004 | bpan

Quad 4c's would be a great machine for what you are looking for. They are easy to learn for an smt machine and very reliable. Just realize that when you buy a machine that is no longer being improved...you can run into limitations. Those machines are

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 00:51:15 EDT 2004 | fastek

Ken...you are right on the money. I couldn't imagine someone new to SMT assembly getting themselves involved with such an old platform. Besides I would have my doubts that a Quad 4C can even handle what this guy would want it to do. 0402's on a 20 ye

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 14 13:18:37 EST 2006 | mrduckmann2000

Let's think about this, there former filed service engineers. I bet they got out of field becasue of being laid-off. Typically the NON-Performers are the first to go. Hint hint.....former field engineers! Quad 4C's when they were new to the marke

Re: SMT Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 10 08:03:51 EDT 1998 | Rudolf Kappel

:I am a German regional mgr with MIMOT. Please have a look at our homemepage...mimot.com. You will find the solution you are looking for. From 112 up to 328 barcoded feeders and a fully modular head construction allows you to start up with a small sy

Training for Philips and Quad in Oregon

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 15:05:13 EDT 2012 | bobpan

Hello Mike, I can help with the Quad training but unfortunatley not the Philips. Also I am located in Pennsylvania....so if you cant find anyone near you....shoot me an e-mail. Go to www.precision-repairs.com Professional and Reasonable Thanks, B

Advice on used pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 13:36:30 EDT 2006 | ppminc

Phil, The QSA-30 was built by Sam Sung, Sold by Quad. Single Head 2 Nozzles around 11K CPH Quad does not support the machine but I believe you can get parts direct from Sam Sung. I am not sure if they have a registration fee. The QSA used Quad made

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 15:20:18 EDT 2001 | stmerkt

The press release attached below provides some insight into the direction Tyco is planning to head with the Automation Group. For Immediate Release Tyco Electronics Expands Automation Group; Offers Quad Systems Assembly Equipment Quad Systems

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 15:54:06 EDT 2001 | Fox

I think that anyone who has any questions about Tyco Electronics' offerings as far as equipment should check out their new web site: automation.tycoelectronics.com One other note about the references to Dynapert equipment and their link to Multitron

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