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Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 08:01:08 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

In the early days Quad machines were fitted with an alignment system that was purchased from a company named Cyberoptics. Quad then developed their own alignment system and called it Quadalign.

Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 14:48:38 EDT 2009 | bobpan

There is also a modify code that if set to 0 the quad-align will not turn on and you will have this error. It is one of the higher mod codes around 60-80......been so long i forget.... Good Luck Bob

Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 15:01:00 EDT 2009 | mki

Thank you RLM, bobpan, Laser (CyberOptics) was dirty! Now is all OK. You are talking about Quad-Align. I have a lot of QUAD manuals and I still do not understand the diference among QuadAlign, CyberOptics LA and L3 LA! Please, if you can give me s

Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 12 08:49:12 EDT 2009 | mki

Hello, I bought used QUAD IVc MKII with transport in "as-is" condition, powered it up (without air and PCB on machine) and all axes (X, Y, Z AND T(heta)shows signs of life. Machine is performing HOME positioning self test. I am not familiar with QUA

Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 13 14:36:18 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

I have seen this problem before. There is a cable that runs from the Quadalign board to the backside of the backplane. It is not secured in any way so it may have come loose in shipping. Open the right side panel on the machine. The Quadalign board

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 15:16:54 EST 2014 | ppminc

If all of the lights are on, on the operator interface panel usually that means the EPCU is defective or not fully seated correctly. If you swapped out the EPCU board from another machine you need to make sure its the same type of machine. If it has

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 21:38:56 EST 2013 | jkoughan

I've got a scary one for you guys and desperately need your help - We just purchased a second Quad 4C and had some communication problems when we first turned it on (we're still working on that issue). To chase down the problem, we decided to start

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 04:56:38 EST 2014 | bobpan

Here is a couple of things to look at: 1. Make sure the boards are plugged into the correct position. Also just leave out the transport card to see if its hanging up the machine. The transport board should be the board all the way to the right. 2. M

quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 09:47:25 EDT 2010 | pforister

Is this a single head Quad IVc or a dual headed line? if it is a dual line you can swap the align cards in the front bay between the two heads and see if the symptom follows. The card on the far right is a transport card, shouldn't need to swap tha

quad align init problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 09:13:04 EDT 2010 | kdaglio

for the last couple of days when i power up our quad iv, i get assembler is off errors. i cannot get the machine and the quad align to start. any help is gratly appreciated.

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