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quad 1000 error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 15:19:49 EST 2005 | Dilbert

I don't work on quads but I can give you some things to look for... Each of the moving axis work off a motor that is controlled by a "drive". Some of these drives have a fault or error output that is connected to the motion controller. One of your

Placement Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 27 10:06:03 EST 2003 | binns

Just to set the record straight... Samsung did not build all Quad machines. QSA = Quad Samsung America, The QSA-30 machine platforms were manufactured by Samsung, utilizing Quad feeders, other Quad technology and Quad sales and service. Before the

Quad IV-c feeder error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 07:21:32 EST 2019 | dfl

One of my 8mm feeders is blinking the red led after the pick-up. With both buttons the motor works as expected (forward/backward), but after the nozzle pick-up the motor moves forward and then the red led blinks. pressing the buttons the green led l

Quad IV-c with really dark camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 05:38:29 EDT 2018 | dfl

Hi, my Quad IV-c is showing a really dark image on the camera and its VERY difficult to see the components pads to make the adjusts. I already check the monitor brightness (at maximum and I can see the crosshair, so the monitor is good) and already

Quad IV-c with really dark camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 06:14:48 EDT 2018 | bobpan

Move the camera over a feeder position and shine a flashlight to see if the image improves.....if it does....your light ring needs replaced or the led's need replaced in it. Sometimes just re-adjusting the angle of the led's in the ring can help. Go

Quad 4C place problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 10:08:13 EDT 2010 | leemeyer

First I would only be concerned about the front panel led's if the transport is not clamping. These LED's are most likeley burnt out. If the transport clamps your sensors are working properly. If you are seeing a "Place 1 Z" on the handheld it is ask

Quad IVc Z-axis Error

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 04 10:40:23 EST 2011 | bobpan

Do you have the motor power turned on? It is next to the main power breaker (front panel of machine). Are all the covers down? Are the side covers pushed all the way in? What is the led status of your driver cards? They should be all green with no re

Quad IV-c with really dark camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 10:29:47 EDT 2018 | dfl

Thanks Bob. Using a flashlight helps a lot, indeed. Is "re-adjust the angle" just a bend on the LEDs heads (by hand)? I will try. To replace de LEDs, can I use white ones? I believe with the reds I get less light than whites, but maybe the camera ne

Quad IV-c feeder error

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 03 08:46:34 EST 2019 | dfl

SOLVED The LED/phototransistor was a little of the center on the "index wheel" (don't know a better name, its the gear that pulls the component strip). The wheel works with a LED from one side and a phototransistor from the other, through a hole on

Quad 4c not placing components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 04 12:50:40 EDT 2019 | smrsteve

Thanks for that Steve - I'll try anything at the moment, but that sounds like a reasonable suggestion. I've already replaced a few cables that looked dodgy, and the LEDs on the LED rings, but I've not done a ribbon cable on the head yet. I shall hav

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