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quad qsp

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 10:09:57 EDT 2010 | ppm

New Single board computers are faster and substantially improve machine software performance. They include built in Ethernet (network), sound card & USB capability making files transfers & backups easier and faster. Win XP is a more secure platform

Re: Quad vrs. Mydata

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 22:33:42 EST 1998 | Jim McCarten

I have had experience with both companies. If you are doing contract work and get you parts and boards in a box, the Mydata does a fine job of teaching a board on the machine. Quad's strengths are in their software and the ability to automatically

Re: Quad vrs. Mydata

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 00:02:45 EST 1998 | Gang Pan

I have just finished this excise which compared Mydata and Quad machine. As the result I purchased Quad QSV-1 model SMT assembler. In my opinion select which one that will depend on your applications. Also depend on what machines you compare with.

Quad Machines? Good Points / Bad Points

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 23 12:17:28 EDT 2002 | binns

I have a couple of questions for you, and a couple of answers. 1. Which model ? (100, IIc, IVc, QSV, QSP ) 2. In reference to how the machine stacks up with Fuji and Panasonic. They have never stacked up. Those families of machines have historicall

Quad IVC backup

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 06:51:50 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

Many years ago we purchased a IOmega ZIP drive that would connect to the parallel port of the computer. They have a utility called "guest" that we installed on all of the IVC computers. We were then able to connect the drive to the parallel port and

Quad IVc AutoProgram

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 17 16:51:55 EDT 2013 | gosswald

I have not been on this site for a while but I was reading your post on Autoprgram. I have had my share of fun with this program getting a Quad 2C to run I purchased a while back. I had originally tried the DosBox approach but ran into all kinds of

Quad Profile-S - Require "offset.exe" s/w for temp calibration.

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 03 21:36:33 EDT 2015 | cadco

Update 6 Oct 15: We have completely re-configured the oven PID boards such that everything is now visible on the oven by the s/w and all is now OK since the "Machine"card is now recognized. We have just one additional procedure to do and that is


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