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Quad IVc power up

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 15:01:00 EDT 2009 | mki

Thank you RLM, bobpan, Laser (CyberOptics) was dirty! Now is all OK. You are talking about Quad-Align. I have a lot of QUAD manuals and I still do not understand the diference among QuadAlign, CyberOptics LA and L3 LA! Please, if you can give me s


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 09:28:25 EDT 2006 | Bobpan

Have you tried turning the theta manually to feel if it is stiff or having a harder time turning. This will cause Quadalign errors. also be sure the handling is not set to 10% on the theta this is also a problem.

QUAD 4C Laser problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 10:27:42 EDT 2013 | nophsem

Hi bobpan! MOD CODE 69 is "Waffle Tray Handler Installed Flag" and default setting 0. That's what mode code quick reference table says (the reference table that I've to respect according to the previous owner). And it's different what manual says (M

Quadalign set up

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 17:00:03 EDT 2009 | dogsbody

would any body be able to supply me with infomation on how to adjust a quadalign unit,as a unit on my line will not pick up 0603 resistors,but will pick up thicker 0603 caps. My manuals offer no help.I have run the aligner calibration with the cone t

Quad IVc Laser Align Extents

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 21:32:30 EDT 2011 | jimlas53

Thanks for the answer, RLM, I couldn't find anything in the manual that was helpful. If I use a common extent for each component type, I need to identify those components that may be turned due to the feed type (tape, vibe). Is this where I would d

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 27 18:10:41 EST 2002 | andrewbrook

Quad4C's have their moments. If the price is right and you are aware of the machines limitations then you will be satisfied. The placement rate is slow, 1.2 seconds/chip. Don't buy any Quad if it has the CyberOptics Laser unit, the Quadalign unit is


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