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Type 4 solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 05:44:36 EDT 2004 | hun

Hi All, Just have a share with you guy. We are using T4 solder paste and also E-Stencil. We ahd try out Alpha, Kester, AIM and Qualitek. The result show Alpha had a very very heavy stack flux and can't get it clean off even by chemical

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 09:06:47 EST 2009 | stepheniii

Just how cold do you store your paste? And what are your solder paste reps like? Here they fall over each other giving support for their paste. And have you seen the problem with flux separation or have you only heard about it?

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 08:52:42 EST 2009 | cunningham

How do people prepare there solder paste for screen print? We currently remove them from the fridge and mix them in a 500g solder paste tub mixer to mix the flux and paste together we waste to much paste at the moment as we only use the tub for 1

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 18:45:08 EST 2009 | gregoryyork

why not use a paste where it requires no refrigeration at all cheers Greg

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 00:09:26 EST 2009 | isd_jwendell

Which paste are you referring to?

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 12 04:37:52 EDT 2005 | chandran

1.Can anyone explain to me what is the clean and non clean solder? 2.What is the standard solder paste height spec for stencils 4mils,5mils and 6mils? 3.Whatis the meaning for ROHS?

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 11:55:28 EST 2009 | GSx

here some of them: http://www.mvent.com.ph/malcom/sps1.htm http://www.bikudo.com/product_search/details/116079/solder_paste_mixer.html http://www.japanunix.co.jp/ju_en/products/UM-103.html http://www.fancort.com/robotic/_solder_paste_mixer.html

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 10:03:02 EDT 2011 | blnorman

At a previous location we used the Semco cartridges. Occasionally the operator would have to scrape down the stencil and knead the paste back in. That would keep the paste on the edges from drying out. It was just standard procedure.

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 04:19:55 EST 2009 | cunningham

do you not have a problem with flux seperating from when it was chilled? due to our high mix low volume we really cant afford to have solder paste waiting for an hour or so till its ready before we can build

solder paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 01:34:17 EDT 2011 | JOSEPH PJ

hey am working in continuos improvement dept and am lokking foraward to save time and cost by imlimenting solder paste catridges in place of jars can any one help me out in this topic! with regards JOSEPH

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