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Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 14:54:50 EST 2007 | BillB

I have inherited a spreadsheet used to quote labor for assembling pc boards. There are no instructions (of course) on how to use it and it seems to be lacking in several areas. So, I was wondering if anyone would like to share on how you/your compa


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 21:33:55 EST 2007 | Jnet

LOL. On the money


Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 09:43:21 EST 2007 | samir

In the contract manufacturing world, every company does it differently. A rule of thumb... Blow up your labor by 100%, and over-charge on your materials. Especially materials. That's how we CM's make our money!

"News" button

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 12:24:37 EDT 1998 | Eyal Epstein

How often do you update the "News" section? I see the last entry was 9/3/98. Maybe you should relable the section: "Old News".

"volcano" soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 22 12:55:13 EDT 1998 | Pat Phipps

I'm looking for information on "volcano" soldering or mini-wave soldering. I need to solder a leaded device, thru-hole, on a already populated smt PCB. I want to do localized soldering on the pins of the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Quote Models

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 23:42:09 EDT 2002 | Larry Bay

Anyone know of a good software package for quickly preparing quotes within the CMS industry?

quoting smt

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 08 19:44:01 EDT 1999 | wayne sanita

I am interested in seeing how some of you quote smt work. Currently we quote off a bom without component packages known then look in data books to find out what type of component they are. This job will be mine soon but i really believe there is a be

Please quote!

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 01:50:13 EDT 1998 | Erhard Hofmann

Please quote whatever you have available to: ADOPT Advanced Optimisation GmbH Josef Brandstaetter Str. 2 A-5020 Salzburg Austria, Europe Tel. +43-662-436256 Fax +43-662-436229

Assembly Quote

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 26 12:08:19 EST 2015 | jvalverde

My company sells the end product but It want to offer assembly services. We do not know how we can calculate the costs that would have to charge and use parameters need for the quote. According to some websites manufacturing services using the Board

Assembly Quote

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 09:10:12 EST 2015 | spoiltforchoice

How do you cost the products you sell? We do contract work as well as building our own products but both work streams go through the same costing procedures. How you structure your costs really depends on your business. For instance, you can includ

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