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Kester R562 and using lead free components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 12:11:34 EDT 2007 | james

We are starting to see issues with using Kester WS R562 with lead free components. The joints look grainy on almost all of the 0402'2 and other small components. Some of the solder does not solder to the terminations. These are hybrid boards which

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 08 09:51:10 EDT 2002 | larryk

Russ, I use the R562, it has a longer tack time then the Hm531 and have found no problems with voiding on my BGAs. You may want to evaluate this formula also Larry

Kester R562 and using lead free components

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 12:39:01 EDT 2007 | blnorman

What's the metallization on the board? We use an immersion tin board and had to increase our profile to successfully solder.

Solder paste stencil life

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 14:24:30 EDT 2002 | paul_bmc

My question is refering to "stencil life". How accurate is this and is this something I can go by. The solder paste I am using is Kester R562, R562 specifications state that it has a 12 hour stencil life, optimal temp ranges 70-77 F, 35-65% RH. Ou

How to remove Oxides from older components? Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 12:48:25 EDT 2009 | mikesewell

Kester R562 is listed as an ORH0, a high activity flux, not sure switching pastes would gain much. What is the finish on the leads? How old are the parts? You could have the parts reconditioned (SixSigma, Corfin, ...others) but this can get costly

Kester paste problems

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 11:03:11 EDT 2007 | Michelle

We now have an AOI in our process after printing and have noticed that all the small aperatures are getting clogged by solder paste. Mainly on all fine pitch parts. We are using Kester ws R562 SN63/PB37 mesh -325+500 90% metal. It was manufactu

BGA failure at Functional Test

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 14:42:44 EST 2009 | realchunks

Kester R562 is a 63/37 paste. Not ideal for no-lead parts. I bet you are seeing no-lead BGAs and they will become very weak using your old proile and paste (been there - done that). You can try a hotter profile but will probably just burn off your

How to remove Oxides from older components? Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 10:46:04 EDT 2009 | babe7362000

I was wondering if anyone knows the best way to clean oxides off of fine pitch components? Apparently the paste we use does not have strong enough flux to remove the oxides off of the leads of the components. I have validated the profile and that i

Does anyone have suggestions on low residue paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 17 12:22:43 EDT 2009 | babe7362000

I was hoping someone could help me on this issue. We currently have this customer that needs their board extemely clean. We have tried many cleaning solutions at no end. We used an ionic cleaner still did not work. Their test is very tight and I w

16 mil pitch QFPs / solder paste type 4 & 5?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 09:52:07 EDT 2003 | kmorris

I have just started an assembly which uses a 16 mil pitch QFP. We ran on Saturday, using a type 3 solder paste. (working Sat's really sucks) We really struggled with paste release after the stencil sat for 15 minutes without printing. Apertures clog

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