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Universal Radial 8

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 09:32:49 EDT 2002 | pjc

Are you doing a reverse leakage test? Also, some electrolytic caps require two (2) cap tests and should always have a leakage test last. The UIC verifier programming manual should explain this. Otherwise, contact UIC's tech. tele. support.

Universal Radial 8

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 22:20:30 EDT 2002 | mantis

we have 3 Rad 8's and never use the verifer cause its too bloody slow.Why bother u cant verify parts being placed on a chip shooter so if your operator takes the same care when loading a reel there should be no need to verify.

Looking for repair/service company for electrovert bravo 8 reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 01 00:20:08 EDT 2017 | aemery

Kelly, it's been a long while since I repaired a BRAVO. The machine was a little unique as far as Electrovert ovens go. I am pretty sure that it is the only Speedline model that integrated a PLC. Loved the OMNI's, not so much with the Bravos. I a

Samsung SM320 VS Assembleon 8 head Opal XII

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 08 09:19:53 EDT 2006 | Larry

Samsung vs. Assembleon We currently have both Samsung/Dynatech and Assembleon Equipment. We started with two Samsung machines but the support, flexibility, component range, accuracy and speed of their machines just wasn�t there. The difference betw

Universal Instruments Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 14:03:53 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Radial Leads (I've had IIs, IIIs, and Vs) do the job nicely, but they need weekly maintenance to keep them running. I don't know if you can get parts for them or not if you're not registered with UIC, but you WILL need parts for it. You will need al

Re: PTH Cut Form Equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 14:36:55 EDT 1999 | JohnW

| I am examining cut & form PTH component prep equipment to help in our manual PTH insertion process. We need the ability to process both axial & radial with snap-in and stand-off capability. Low volume with the ability to feed bulk, T&R, or Stick. |

Need Service manuals for TDK make VC-7A, VC-7B & VC-5B Radial

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 12:25:22 EST 2008 | markhoch

I can't help you much there, but I do have a couple of manuals for a TDK RX-40!! Ha! That machine brings back memories....operator forgets to lock a feeder down, and in about thirty seconds, you have 140 nozzles with the tips ripped off. Ahhh...those


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 09:21:34 EST 2021 | tomek_k

Jaguar M8 - what is it? I can help with BTU and Electrovert.

io head unit kv8-m4570

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 18 08:55:46 EDT 2010 | joetfree

Hi All, i have io head unit kv8-m4570 with error: limit error. if you have operation manual or suggestion, please help us Thanks


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 07:50:39 EST 2021 | vasu278

Thank you and we recently bought Jaguar M8 reflow do you have installation manual

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