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Headers and SMT

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 13:33:01 EDT 2015 | marlyn

Hey there fellow people with SMT > issues... What's the proper procedure for > soldering through-hole headers on the back-side > of the PCB (pins poking out on same side as SMT > parts)? ( Yes - I did the SMT side first and am > now faced with L

Pick and Place Machine Validation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 16:49:13 EST 2005 | Mark

Precisely why I run like hell at the sight of a salesman. Though some are actually pretty knowledgeable engineers (these folks are not the cookie-cutter catalog pushing guys).

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 17:32:17 EDT 2006 | flipit

Hi, A little off subject but I just finished a quick little experiment where I placed 0201 to 1206 and some ceramic resonators at specific distances off the scored edge. The distances from scored edge ranged from 0.025" on up at 0.025" increments.

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 10:12:33 EDT 2006 | Board House

Hi all, The majority of score machines used today have a top cutting wheel and bottom cutting wheel. This way they can score a line in one pass and saves on programming time, Panels are typically scored in one direction first and then the panel is r

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 10:40:18 EDT 2005 | PWH

Splicing for us has been a rough go as we haven't really found a tool that works well/fast. We have a few different machines = different feeders. They all react different to a splicing "style". The best so far is a crimp tool that crimps a brass s

Laying down and holding large components

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 18:47:12 EDT 2003 | russ

I would assume we are talking about a radial leaded electrolytic cap? We use Electronic grade RTV (Dow corning 3145). It sticks good and can be removed if necessary. It is also pliable so you don't have to worry about CTE or other stresses that may

Laying down and holding large components

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 14:16:40 EDT 2003 | MikeF

We need more information to give you a good answer. Is this a leaded part (axial or radial) or smt? How big is the part, how much weight per lead? What is the end use environment, will it see any vibration? or temperature extremes? Some general com

Tape and Reel - IPC/JEDEC or other Standards ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 17:48:17 EST 2007 | GS

for SMDs, try to look for EIA-481.1.2.3, or may be the new version EIA-200 if I am not wrong. Also IEC 60286-2 (leaded components like axials, radials,..) Regards......GS

Tape and Reel - IPC/JEDEC or other Standards ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 11:40:54 EST 2007 | slthomas

I have always referenced the following tape and reel specificatons for automated handling: Axial - EIA 296 Radial - EIA 468 SMD - EIA 481

Re: Pros and Cons of Panasonic MV series chipshooter ?????

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 19:23:18 EDT 1998 | Jimmy Strain

| I am thinking of purchasing a Panasonic MV series chipshooter. If you own a Panasonic MV machine I would like to hear what you like and dislike about it. Is the service good? Are spare parts readily availiable? Does Panasonic support and follow up

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