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Design and manu.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 00:42:19 EDT 2005 | nicholas2005

Ok, I just need someone to give me some feed back on a few questions I have. If anyone could help me that would be great. Example: take a Fuji CP-4 feeder for instance! If I machine my own, place my own parts on it, and place my own company name, and

Touch-up and Inspection Process

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 01 10:43:59 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi Greg, Is anyone logging the errors at QC/touch up stage so they can feed them straight back to SMT and fix them? (i.e. skipped components, poor paste coverage etc) Obviously the faster you spot an error the cheaper it will be for you. Cheers,

Solder Balls and Humidity

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 23 16:28:14 EDT 2007 | grics

I want to get a collective opinion from the forum... I was always under the impression that Humidity at SMT can be a disaster and can cause solder balls... But what about at the Wave/Selective solder? If every board or almost every board has solder

Pick and Place tutorials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 10:20:48 EDT 2003 | caldon

www.smtmag.com has Step-by-step articles written by OEMS...Just type in Step-by-step into the search engine on the website...sit back and enjoy the links. Also, http://www.smtinfocus.com has a brief snip-it as well. You may want to do a search for

SMT optimization and improvement

Electronics Forum | Wed May 31 22:17:24 EDT 2006 | EC

Hi Jack, I do not know what type of machine you are using and how old is your machine. But I have this problem before using Fuji machine. There are few things cause part throw.....placment speed, feeder, pick up tolerance, part dimension tolerance,

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 02:57:03 EDT 2001 | kjellman

Hi, Why not have a look at Philips/Assembl�on, their ACM machine is quite nice. It may also bring you down to Flip Chip, 0201 some through hole and odd form placement. Nice options like bulk feeding, coplanarity tests, fluxing for FC, prom feeders (

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 23 04:11:53 EDT 2005 | Rob

Hi Greg, A larger floor standing spool would seem a good way to go, but on the larger plastic tapes, trying to accurately join them to feed through without jamming or coming apart is a total pain. Cheers, Rob

Soldering robot and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 08:57:17 EDT 2017 | capse

If N2 is not an option, the cut wire feeder or drilled wire are your best bet for now. You need to optimize wire feed rate as well. The solder joint on the robot takes about the same time to form as in manual soldering. If you need to speed the solde

Soldering robot and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 15:05:55 EDT 2017 | solderingpro

There are several different technologies in the industry today to assist in the out-gassing of flux cores. On automated soldering systems, there are two main types of perforating solder feeders: - Hole Drilling - "V" Scoring By perforating the so

V-Tek Tape and Reel Machines...

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 13:43:14 EDT 1999 | Steve Gregory

Hey Ya'll! Have any of you ever worked with one of V-Tek's "Economax" tape and reel machines? The biggest thing I'm curious about is the type of cover tape that these machines use. It's something they call P.S.A. (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive)cover t

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