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SAMSUNG nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 19:04:39 EDT 2005 | russ

check your clamping rails and see if you see any little wear marks, we constantly hit these clamps during placement when the parts are too close to the edge. The height of that clamp is either 4 or 6mm I beleive and the noozles will hit them on occ

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 16:42:50 EDT 2005 | campos

hello all, I�m experiencing problems with "warped" boards after first reflow, some of them i just can�t print side two due to this problem,,is it related only to reflow? i�m using a linear profile (225� peak / 70s time above) with a tin lead paste,t

Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 18:21:36 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

Does it do nozzle changes at a different speed than the programs? It's been a while since I worked on these beasts. I"m wondering if it can handle slow speeds but at full bore it can't handle it. Maybe try one part with everything set to slow speed

CP4 of death

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 13:36:44 EDT 2006 | cyber_wolf

Dax, More than likely your moveable rail is slipping on the X-Y table. Make sure there is no oil where the breaks grab the table. Sometime the breaks wear out and need replaced. The contact surface on the break lever is only a couple of thou.. We hav

Dek MK1

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 07:26:59 EDT 2006 | aj

Guys, I have an annoying problem on the above mentioned machine. Basically, when the machine loads a board it sits and waits at the down stop until it times out. All sensors on the rail system work fine in the IO's, aswell as the board stop sensor

thermocouples on PCB - Kapton tape?? or else ??

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 12 17:59:56 EDT 2007 | swag

The best device I've used is a temp-probe. It clamps to the board rail, extends out a few inches and forces the ball to stay right where you want it. Sounds like you need a quicker fix, though. It's also kind of pricey and not the best if you need

PWAs & PWB bake out requirements

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 17 17:55:42 EDT 2007 | htran

My small reflow oven doesn't have the rails (only metal mesh). I personally don't think it was built for double side reflow assembly and there is vibration as well. We are a small low volume mfg house and our reflow oven doesn't have the capability t

Another in a long line of Philips Topaz questions....

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 15:52:41 EDT 2007 | etienne

Hope that your PCB is supported evenly, I mean really plane to the conveyer rail. If not this may warp the PCB upwards, causing fiducials to be identified not accurately. Also I suggest you to check Mark Info of the fiducials and have a look at the t

Converting 8040 Turn conveyor to LEFT turn

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 16 10:52:19 EST 2008 | kbhatia

R SMT line flow to a R->L flow after the 90 degree turn. We have some equipment that is R->L and wish to interface to the end of this line. So the flow is oven (with enough air blowers that the 8040 is cool) -> 8040 turnstyle to move LEFT (technicall

Would YOU accept this PCB ???

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 08:16:10 EDT 2008 | grics

Chunks... You are pretty damn awesome! Anyways, in regards to the original thread, we do get good boards from china as well, but we have had issues with stack-up tolerances and even mouse bite (drilled break away) tabs. Not to long ago, we left t

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