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Humidity & Temperature Range on SMT SHopfloor

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 08:41:37 EDT 2013 | emeto

This is very interesting question. I would think that the temp range will be defined by your machine manufacturers, not by IPC. PCB and electronic parts can handle broad temperature range. Most machines guarantee accuracy in the range (10-30)Degrees

Salary Ranges

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 10:28:06 EST 2008 | flipit

Anyone have any recent links to salary ranges for SMT Process Engineers and Micro Electronics Packaging Engineers.

Humidity & Temperature Range on SMT SHopfloor

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 03 04:19:51 EDT 2013 | pradeep_selec

Can anybody suggest the way to compensate humidity if its out of range

Which AOI to buy?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 03 12:38:27 EST 2006 | bpeach

Hi! I work for a mid range SMT CM and we are looking to buy some AOI equip. Is 60-100k a doable range for something that is useful? And if that range is ok, what vendor should I go with? Regards,

Salary Ranges

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 25 18:16:26 EST 2008 | mobytahoe

I agree with Shrek, that salary seems really low. The ranges in the SF BAy area are higher of course due to the high cost of real estate. Process Engineers start at 70k and top out at 85k. Same range for Qulaity Engineers and Test Engineers.

Humidity & Temperature Range on SMT SHopfloor

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 03:32:12 EDT 2013 | pradeep_selec

Can anybody help & confirm the Humidity & Temperature Range to be maintained on SMT SHopfloor according to the IPC standard & its IPC standard number. Also the ways to compensate the humidity if its out of range; low cost / natural method.

Salary Ranges

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 10:44:08 EST 2008 | fastek

Think Wal-Mart.........

Re: BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 14 09:00:59 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| Any info on a BGA rework machine in the 10-20K range. | | Thanks | Mike C | In the $60K range I really like the Pace model? (y'all join in). Whether there is a cheaper, non-programmable type, the gang can answer. Earl Moon

Component range

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 22:03:47 EDT 2007 | duyhoang

Hi all, Please show me what range of min and max component can be handled of these machines: _ FUJI IP2 _FUJI CP3-4000 Thanks,

Price range for a new reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 23:42:59 EDT 2011 | 1036

We are considering to buy a new reflow oven. What is the price range for a 6-8 zone oven with Pb free capability? We appreciate your input.

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