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Pad and Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 09:35:08 EDT 2001 | floydl

Based on your research, what is the pad and stencil design that you recommend for 0201 assembly?

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 17:49:35 EST 2005 | russ

I'm stupid, what exactly are these for my future reference? Russ

ESD flooring and footwear

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 11 17:56:35 EDT 2006 | fredericksr

Are you insinuating that smocks are, in fact, not magical electrical portals to a land of electron hopscotch and ice cream?

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 14:35:29 EDT 2008 | mumtaz

try changint the pickle to a potatoe! Remeber that post? Honda guy thought it was real!

SMTECH pro's and con's

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 08:35:29 EDT 2001 | PeteC

I believe this machine is now the MPM UP 100 and is supported thru Speedline Technologies-MPM and is now mfg.'d in Franklin Mass.

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 13:38:35 EDT 2002 | finepitch

Yannick, If we leave the 201 issue aside; have you checked where those BGA pads are connected to? Could those be power/ground balls connected to large (difficult to heat up) planes by any chance? Erhan

CSP and underfill

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 12:35:09 EDT 2002 | msjohnston

Has anyone done a study or know of one that addresses the flow / no-flow underfill differences for CSP devices. My main interest is in the reliability of the CSP and underfill. Any help would be great. Thanks, Mike

X-Outs and Panel Arrays

Electronics Forum | Wed May 14 11:35:04 EDT 2008 | scottefiske

We produce High mix very low volume Military assemblies. So a typical order mya be for 50 pcb's, at a 5 up array. Do you work in the fab shop? Scott

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 09 20:35:59 EDT 2008 | fastek

There are many machines that would fit the bill and because of that I would probably suggest you determine a budget first and then go from there.

SMT Processing and gasketing

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 10:35:05 EST 2008 | davef

It's amusing that usually we are complaining to our suppliers about not getting enough of something, here we're complaining about getting too much.

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