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Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 00:01:23 EDT 2018 | leeg

Have you tried to re-load the MINT software 1st? Are the breakers in at the back of the machine?

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 22:39:03 EST 2005 | Alan

Robert, you will have to re-load the MINT software. It only takes a couple of minutes to do this. This will fix out the errors. Refer to your DEK manuals on how to carry out this function. Cheers, Alan.

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 13:14:11 EST 2004 | kauer

Hey, going to lunch now. Just for kicks, did you try to re-load Mint files? They may have been lost some other way, I have seen the DEK software do some crazy stuff in the past. Talk to You in a bit.


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