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Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 08:50:57 EST 2007 | asoelu

i wonder anyone here has the experience with the stencilquik,www.solder.net.they had done a few ads in the past few days I have visited their site and my feeling is their stuff is quite easy to use.Any advice for me?


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 15:23:08 EST 2007 | Hussman

Yes, they are fairly easy to use. Hardest part is alignment. But with a Mantis magnifier, they are not bad. They really do work! We apply the Stenquik and then squeegee paste on. Very simple, wish I invented it.

Reball BGA process flow

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 15:23:14 EST 2005 | GS

Hello, few comments: - what is the criteria to decide if re-ball or not a PBGA? - any electrical test is performed toPBGAs before reball ? - what in case the reballing has been done on a electrical damaged PBGA? In that case the replacement of

Re: Reballer fro BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 12:47:02 EDT 1999 | Mark

| Any recommendations for a reballer for BGA and mBGA? Low volume, low cost appreciated! | | There is a large article in the current issue of Circuits Assembly magazine that says properly re-balled BGA's are perfectly fine. Also there is a re-bal

BGA Reball templates

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 05 21:49:07 EST 2005 | davef

Methods for reballing BGA are: * Reballing preforms [SolderQuik BGA Preform winslowautomation.com ] * Reballing screens [marketed by many including: Mini Micro Stencil, Pace, Topline]

BGA Re-ball

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 12:27:59 EDT 2007 | adrian_nishimoto

We reball hundreds of BGAs a week with the RB-2000 kit from Mini Micro Stencil, Inc. The reball stencils are made of stainless steel and can be used over and over again. We have reballed .5mm pitch parts with .012" balls up to 2400 ball BGAs.

BGA reballing tool

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 10:02:58 EDT 2009 | olsa

Thank you for reply, but what do you think about different method for reballing (not with preforms), like BGA reballing with template stencil and balls? Here is link: http://www.tecan.co.uk/smt/rework/bga_reballing.php


Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 11:10:20 EDT 2000 | L Lovell

I need a reball kit for high temp balls. can anyone help? Thanks Leon


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 19:42:49 EST 2000 | Billy G

Hepco has a re-balling machine that is very simple to use, and is a low cost equipment.

re-balled BGAs

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 11:46:02 EDT 1999 | David Steele

Would like to know if anyone has determined, through testing, the long term reliability of re-balled BGAs.

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