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Re: Reballer fro BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 12:47:02 EDT 1999 | Mark

| Any recommendations for a reballer for BGA and mBGA? Low volume, low cost appreciated! | | There is a large article in the current issue of Circuits Assembly magazine that says properly re-balled BGA's are perfectly fine. Also there is a re-bal

BGA Re-Balling services.

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 04:29:17 EDT 2001 | brownsj

People. We have a Malaysian subcontractor who says that he can't find anyone to re-ball a 528 pin BGA device. Does anyone know of a company who can re-ball this device for them. Thanks for your help. Steve.

BGA Reballing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 00:04:24 EDT 2002 | ppcbs

For BGA Reballing services, or supplies to do it yourself, look at: Precision PCB Services, Inc,. - http://www.pcb-repair.com Winslow Automation - http://www.winslowautomation.com/ Soldering Technology International - http://mail.solderingtech.com

BGA Reballing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 12 19:32:48 EDT 2002 | SMTA Juarez Mexico Chapter President

I member of our chapter is looking for reballing services for BGAs. Or maybe equipment and know how to establish their own process. Any help will be appriciated.

BGA Reballing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 17:41:19 EDT 2002 | retronix

We currently provide a full range of BGA re-balling services for several customers in Mexico. Please feel free to check out our web site at wwww.retronixinc.com

BGA Reballing Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 21:34:07 EST 2005 | Steve

Don't know of anything really automated, Winslow Automation offers solder spheres on water soluble tape and a company called the Waveroom Plus in NH offers a machine reasonably priced but it is not automated. There are companies out there that offer

BGA Reballing companies?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 06:52:55 EST 2006 | bwet

There are several companies including the one I work for that provide reballing services. Cost depends on the part. All of the companies will want to know mechanical data, alloy and package type. Expect to pay in the

Re: BGA Reballing

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 07:57:58 EST 1998 | Mark Quealy

| Does anyone know of a company that reballs BGA's? Im looking for a reliable source that can do a 10/90 alloy. | Winslow Automation in Cal. sells re-balling services as well as a line of preforms and fixtures to do it yourself. We've been re-ball

BGA Reballing companies?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 03 02:07:22 EST 2006 | revive

Hello everyone. I have around 1200 ICs that needs reballing. I don't plan to tackle these ICs myself. Therefore, anyone know of any companies that have a good/quick/cheap reballing service? And can anyone give me a ballpark figure on the service

BGA Re-Balling services.

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 09:01:14 EDT 2001 | stefo

Steve, Go to: http://www.sixsigmaservices.com/services.htm They can do it, or you can buy the "solderquik" bga preforms and do it yourself. They have a $50.00 minimum lot charge if you have them do it... -Steve Gregory-

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