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Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 20:43:39 EST 2004 | Al

who has the step by step how to reball a Ceramic BGA this is a CBGA 50 mil pitch 29 by 29 mm size


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 12 23:50:08 EST 2004 | Dean

High temp balls (spheres for you PC types) They are non-eutectic balls. Do you have a reballer or stencil setup? If one device...may not be cost effective, but if many you can usually send back the the IC house for re-ball. There are only a handf


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 15:16:12 EST 2004 | drewhmi

A small benchtop system uses a mask, tooled for your part, to arrange the solder spheres onto the BGA, after it has had the excess solder heat-vacuumed off and a new layer of flux applied. The spheres are poured into the cavity, excess decanted off.


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 16:07:07 EST 2004 | angiewest

Have you looked at solderquik? Winslow Automation sells them. I've had good luck with them. They are bga preforms with the balls on a water soluble paper.


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 13 16:01:06 EST 2004 | russ

I believe that solder paste will need to be applied to this part. I have re-balled these in the past in a low volume situation and here is what I did and there appears to be no adverse effects to the component. Get a stencil (I use 8 mil for .032"


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 15:51:08 EST 2004 | solderboffin

CBGA devices are a bit trickier to reball than run of the mil plastic devices. Once assemblied they are a bit like a sandwich when fitted to a PCB. From top to bottom it goes BGA device - Eutectic solder - High temp solder ball - eutectic solder -

Bga reballing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 22 21:48:21 EDT 1999 | kyung sam park

Does anyone have any experiences with bga reballing. When I had reworked failed bga part with new part It was good. So I tried to reball bga detached but failed . I guess the cause of fail is thermal shock. IS IT OK TO REBALL BGA PARTS DETACHED ?

BGA reballing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 09:52:56 EST 2007 | SMTRework

Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an automatic BGA reballing unit / system? I'm aware of the "martin" / Manncorp" unit but was looking for info on other manufacturers of this type of device. I usually need to reball about 10 pcs at

BGA reballing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 10:39:06 EST 2007 | russ

Contact practical components, they have masks and balls, I would not call it automated though. These are simply placing the mask over the part and dumping the balls on it then removing (brushing)the excess balls. I have run and reballed BGAs with ou

BGA reballing

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 11:53:42 EST 2007 | SMTRework

Hi Russ, Thanks for the suggestion. I have the practical components sets that you mentioned, they take too long to do 10 pcs, the "pre-forms" are much faster. What equipment do you use for your automated process?

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