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Reflow Oven with Vacuum System

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 02:18:15 EDT 2010 | sibbe

i'm really intrested in that as well, because we are having some issues with our Rebel Led's

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 08:53:39 EDT 2010 | Sibbe

Hello, We are having some difficulties placing the luxeon rebel LED's. It doesn't matter what nozzle's we use, we cant run our P&P machine's on full speed without the rebel's dropping on the PCB in stead of being placed accuratly. Therefore I would

Component sticks to cover tape

Electronics Forum | Fri May 20 09:13:58 EDT 2011 | ck_the_flip

We have issues with the Philipps Luxeon Rebel LED where the part sticks to the cover tape during advancement. This causes the part to get flopped around in the pocket or the component gets dropped and damaged when the feeder advances. Has anyone ex

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 02:27:35 EDT 2010 | sibbe

Thank u for al of the reactions. I'm wondering if there are other manufacturers that use rectangular nozzle's. Because when I look at the LED when it's in the reel, I doubt it could get picked up like that. I seriously doubt that there is anyone he

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 17:52:15 EDT 2010 | cusackmusic

They are very finiky. If you have good solder paste, and a slight down pressure, to make sure the LED is "stuck" to the board, you should be able to place it. Pick it up on the center of the flat, NOT the lens. Even with the vacuum turned off, t

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Wed May 11 15:04:16 EDT 2011 | thejedeye

LED sticking in nozzles are such a problem, seem everyone has issues with this from time to time. Don't want to advertise who's nozzles worked best but will answer you back if you drop me an email.

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 10:55:42 EDT 2010 | fredc

I worked on a nozzle for one of these LEDs in the past. I seem to remember that there are raised surfaces outside the pick up area. Be sure your nozzle is not hitting them, if so you will lose vacuum. A rectangle shaped nozzle would maximize your abi


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