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Electrovert CRC recipe error

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 09:31:28 EDT 2009 | padawanlinuxero

Hi all! I have a problem, I have a wave solder a Econopak plus by Electrovert, and someone move something when I was not here, now when I try to load a recipe a very specific recipe is givening me a error message : MyrecipeName Isam error 30000: Da

Is there anyone who knows a recipe to wet etch Ta2O5 ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 09:20:57 EDT 2000 | S. REYNAUD

Hi guys !! I'm searching a method to wet etch 100 Angstr�m of an optic layer of Ta2O5, through a photo resist mask. Thanks in advance St�phanie

Reflow Oven Recipes

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 18:53:43 EDT 2003 | rlwilliams

I'd like to poll the audience: When it comes to creating/naming files for your oven recipes, do you select from a given set of recipes (E.g., 10 recipes used for all assemblies), or do you, create a 1-for-1 relationship where you have a recipe for e

Reflow Oven Recipes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 27 08:35:54 EDT 2003 | davef

We run a few standard recipes, because we don't like waiting for and determining if our oven has stabalized after dialing-in a new recipe.

Reflow Oven Specifications Check Items

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 16:12:16 EST 2018 | stephendo

When running a recipe can you view and edit other recipes? Or can you only look at the settings of the recipe being run?

Poor reflow over gold plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 09:39:00 EDT 2005 | davef

Points to consider are: * Gold plating too thick [SB LT 8 uinches]. [Obviously, we're talking about actual plating thickness, not the specification.] * Reflow recipe improper [SB 220*C 5-10 sec]. A recipe that works fine for HASL needs to be hotter

Excessive solder balls!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 08 10:21:21 EDT 2011 | davef

OK. You used a thermometer to to check your recipe. How do know that the temperatures that you selected are correct? Your solder balls indicates that it's possible that the temperatures that you selected might not be correct. Without belaboring an

Reducing Warp after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 13 18:20:14 EDT 2022 | proceng1

I also believe it is the cause of the issue. I guess you could make a fixture that clamps the board flat. Then you'd have to change the reflow recipe. How was the recipe created? Did you actually profile a populated board or just use a recipe that

Reflow Oven Recipes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 27 12:27:37 EDT 2003 | russ

We basically have 5-6 recipes for each oven based on mass etc... However if you like to have a quickfire way to ensure that the correct profile is running (like in a process audit) It is nice to see that the board and profile number match. (Running b

wave profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 29 19:21:58 EDT 2002 | davef

Look to: * Your flux supplier's recommendations to baseline your recipe [similar to using your paste supplier's recommendations for setting your reflow recipe] * 7530 'Guidelines for Temperature Profiling for Mass Soldering (Reflow and Wave)' for gui

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