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Stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 14:03:38 EDT 2016 | chemers

Does anyone have an equipment recommendation for stencil cleaner brand/type that they would recommend for no-clean pastes? I have used ultrasonic cleaners in the past with aqueous pastes, but I don't want to buy something that really won't work for u

Missprinting cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed May 23 15:11:21 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Hi experts, I asked our chinese board manufacturer about their recommended procedure to clean miss-printing. The answer was that they use Absolut Alcohol while use IPA currently and we are moving to a water based cleaning agent with ultrasound. Th

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 11 10:49:14 EDT 2005 | jhagve

HI We start to make a product which have a 0.4 mm pitch IC and start having problems with not enough solder printed, to solve this problem we had to increase the manual cleaning, now we are cleaning the stencil every 8 printings, before we was runnin

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 14 14:09:19 EDT 2005 | bschreiber

Your problem is not the 0.4 pitch. Your problem is the manual cleaning. Manual cleaning will only remove the solder paste from the surface of the stencil. What's more, manual cleaning will force additional contamination into the 0.4 pitch apertures

cleaning spec

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 08 14:11:38 EST 2006 | mholz

I am looking for an industry standard �stock� note to place on our printed circuit board assembly drawings that will capture a level of cleanliness for an IPC-A-610 class 2 board assembly. I�m looking for some quantitative spec for cleanliness that w

PCB cleaning system

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 09:12:59 EDT 2017 | barryg

Anyone recommend a good Batch type PCB cleaning system that has some cleanliness test capabilities?

Your recommendation is appreciated - Humidity Range for the SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 13:35:10 EST 2006 | Theresa Spear

We are starting up a new clean room for SMT production and wondering if anyone is aware of any guideline for operating humidity and temperature ranges for the room. We know that the MSD's will prefer it to be dry and cool. However, there are other f

Your recommendation is appreciated - Humidity Range for the SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 22:01:44 EST 2006 | realchunks

Why a clean room? Or do you mean an environmental room to control temp and RH? Any way, to answer you question, your wave and oven can care less about RH. Just don't keep them at 100% RH. Static can easily be handled with lower RH and proper grou

solution for gold cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 17 22:50:20 EDT 2000 | Sartor

I am looking for a solution for gold finger cleaning and repairing.Can anyone recommend good solution(s)?Also,can anyone recommend a good flux paste source(s)?Thanks.

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 09:58:34 EDT 2007 | ccross

I am looking for a batch aqueous cleaning system and am looking for equipment recommendations. Thanks

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