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Del Ela "axis camera error - out of time"

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 05:42:01 EST 2019 | robertorocco


BGA Solder Mask Repair

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 15:04:12 EST 2001 | markkrmp

I have been reballing some BGA's. Some of the BGA's have solder mask damage and cannot be recovered until I find a way to reapply the solder mask. Are there any suggestions?

Re: lost

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 08 21:29:38 EST 1999 | Clifford Peaslee @ SMTnet

Earl, I took a look for it, and there isn't a message recorded, that isn't already listed. Sorry about the loss. Sometimes you can recover by pressing the browser's back button until you get back to the original form with the information you typed i

DeHart MPC-29 Drivers Software

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 14:11:14 EDT 2002 | franciscoioc

Does any one have a copy of the mpc-29 dehart printer drivers. We our hardrive crushed and we cannot recover this data and we don't have the driver discs

Solder reclamation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 09:50:38 EST 2003 | ksfacinelli

I am interested in your experience with dross reclamation equipment. What percent solder can be recovered? Who makes a good system? Thanks, Kevin


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 06 19:05:15 EST 2004 | MP

Is there other Solder Recovery System manufacturers besides Earth-Tronics/Technical Device? What is a typical solder recovery rate? Is it sound fair to recover 60% of solder from dross by weight? thanks Matthew

Air inclusion in solder paste

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 27 19:32:28 EST 2006 | PWH

You mention "large ground plane pads in the center". Could it be that these large apertures are allowing the blades to "dig" which somehow pulls paste from adjacent apertures as the blades recover?

% Dross Formation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 05:58:27 EST 2006 | smartasp

Hi Aj There are some good doxidizing powders on the market. You simply mix it into the dross, which then will seperate the oxide from the solder. This way you can recover most of the solder and have much less waste. Smartasp

Swine Flu

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 04 22:42:45 EDT 2009 | isd_jwendell

I am just now recovering from the flu, probably H1N1 from symptoms and the source. I've seen worse flu's, but this one is bad because of how easily it spreads. Everyone in the family caught this one. What if it was a killer, like in years long ago?

Mysterious reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 07:39:36 EDT 2009 | jdengler

Is it possible you are putting boards in the oven with little spacing between them and the oven is not recovering fast enough? I only say this because the 12 zone oven works but the 6 zone oven does not.

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