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I am looking for Polyester scraps or recycled polyesters

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 26 23:27:16 EST 1998 | A. Hu

I am looking for Polyester scraps or post industrial polyester or recycled polyester. Message to SMTNET: Is it possible to categarize the messages/questions on this forum?

Recycle Matrix trays and Reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 15:25:05 EST 2002 | angiewest

Looking for a company to recycle plastic reel and I.C. tubes. I already recycle trays with Smart Cycle (formally Semicyle). I hate to throw that stuff away. The local recycling places only recycle plastic 1 and 2. Most of the reels are 3's.

Recycling of Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 20:24:59 EDT 2021 | dmunsterman

Does anyone recycle SMT Matrix Trays? I found some old posts from many years ago, but those suppliers are not in business any longer. Curious if anyone recycles SMT reels or tubes either or if this all goes into the recycle dumpsters / landfills?

SMT Plastics recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 19:17:08 EST 2007 | mavtech

Currently looking for any and all viable options for recycling SMT trays, tubes and reels ( the SMT plastics). Several years ago SemiCycle supported all 3 packaging types, but currently only supports trays. Several vendors will support tray recycli


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 09:43:58 EDT 2003 | brobinson

Anybody know of any companies out there that recycle empty reels?


Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 16 20:27:25 EDT 2003 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for contacts. We take ours home and put them out for the municipal recycling.

Electronics recycling

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 10:06:06 EST 2009 | stepheniii

That would take care of WEEEEEEEEE. But wouldn't cover ROHS which is to protect the recycling workers.

Electronics recycling

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 12:09:55 EST 2009 | stepheniii

I've read that lead is the most recycled material in the world. It would be mainly batteries of course but still interesting.

PCB recycling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 16:41:45 EDT 2011 | kkay

Does anyone have more information on recycling scrap pcb's for gold content or a company that does it? Thanks

FR-4 PCB Material Recycling?

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:50:33 EST 2012 | ccross

If the FR-4 Material used for PCBs recyclable? If so, who is doing it?

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