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water soluble marking pen

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 16:12:55 EST 2001 | davef

Years ago, we used a specialty-marking pen like you describe. The pen has: * �Fluxmarker 6135 W BELMONT CHICAGO IL 60634 / 1-312-889-8323 Illinois / All other states Toll Free 1-800-621-0080 bla bla bla � marked on the barrel. A quick search with G

Purple solder mask

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 23:20:05 EDT 2010 | camtechpcb

According to the Trichromatism.Half red and half blue will get purple.But the trichromatism only apply to color light. The red and blue soder mask are coloring material.Both of them absorb light.You mixed them up,so you lose blue and red,and get grap

Purple solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 19:44:19 EDT 2010 | laen

I'm looking to mix up a batch of purple solder mask. Has anyone found a good ratio of red and blue that produces a pleasing purple? 50/50 produces a pretty ugly grape color. Is there a standard ratio most fabs use?

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 30 11:29:13 EST 2008 | davef

People use green soldermask because people use green soldermask. In the 1950s, the US military selected green, because they liked green better than other colors. So, here we are. We believe the performance of red and blue is comparable with green. T

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 30 08:55:29 EST 2008 | umamaheswaruk

Hi all, I have couple of questions/doubts on solder mask, please clarify. Why green color solder mask is popular when compared to other solder mask (RED, PURPLE, BLUE etc.). Are there any performance issues with other solder mask if I use them.

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 02 16:52:16 EST 2009 | boardhouse

Hi, From a Manufactures choice - Green is the best due to it is the most commonly used mask color in the industry & cheapest. Kind a like Red paint for Barns. For US shops, most only have one LPI machine and to continually switch from Green to othe

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 17:00:14 EST 2001 | mparker

Aw Dave - you guys are so fashionable, are the dark green and red combos seasonal? caramel brown like a Pale Ale? I once heard that the green was chosen because it gives the best color contrast for white silk screens. As for color reflecting or abs

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 22:31:40 EST 2001 | davef

I'd be surprised if solder mask color is causing your delamination. We use various solder mask colors on FR4 boards and notice no difference. * ~99% of our boards are a medium green * ~1% of our boards are dark green * One of our boards is caramel b

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 15:10:52 EST 2004 | russ

We usually get some mask material from our board house. It cures with heat so it works really well in our applications. Be wary of the "overcoat pens" they don't seem to hold up under heat and thre solder will flow right underneath it during BGA a

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 17:47:58 EST 2004 | davef

Russ: On "usually get some mask material from our board house. It cures with heat so it works really well in our applications.": We're unsure about the type of mask that you are using, but be careful [we used to do this, also]: * Final cure of the L

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