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Sequenced tape and reel

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 25 13:55:36 EDT 2000 | Rob Cass

Sequenced tape and reel I have talked with several companies, regarding sequence taping and reeling of axial components. However, non-are capable of SEQUENCING tape and reels for axial insertion. Please let me know of any companies that SEQUENCE.

tape and reel components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 15:39:54 EDT 2002 | DANIEL

Are there very many companies that send there smt components out to be put on tape and reel

Baking BGA on reel

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 04 05:41:24 EDT 2016 | slouis2014

Can anybody advise what temperature can a BGA component on reel be bake and how long.

Piece parts reel counting

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 13:03:50 EST 2009 | jesalinas47

Hi , I provide machines to count SMT parts that come on reel , my customer wants to improve his counting method , he is having problems when delivering material to prodution floor , because the number on the reel (physical) is not the same as it is w

Static in reel

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 16:45:12 EDT 2004 | Karkanov

Hi, Does you ever encounter static in plastic reel?? For a while when you do a production with our machine the component( mostly resistor and capacitor) stay in the pocket of the reel when the feeder peel off. do you have a trick to stop it? Th

tape and reel components

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 16 12:55:27 EDT 2002 | davef

We send parts out to be tape & reeled. We do not send all loose parts out to be tape & reeled. As you would expect, we base our decision on: * T&R service company lead time * Our production schedule * Cost benefit of T&R versus some other productio

tape and reel machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 13:35:00 EDT 2001 | stepheno

I used to work with Chris. (neither of us are there anymore). What is he talking about is putting components into "pockets". The parts would come in, in sticks (tubes) but we wanted them in reels. At first we sent them out to be reeled, but that w

Static in reel

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 20:16:50 EDT 2004 | davef

We agree with Russ.

reel counter rental

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 15:29:24 EDT 2000 | Ryan

Does anybody rent reel counters? We just need a couple to finish up inventory count. I can't think of any personally. -Ryan Jennens

tape and reel vendor

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 12:06:59 EST 2004 | jimih280

I need a tape and reel vendor for 5mm through hole LEDs. Any recommendations and what do they charge?

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