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Large smt reel bin for machine placement on Mycronics line

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 16 16:15:31 EST 2022 | babe7362000

Does anyone have a better way of holding large reels for the Mycronics machine? The arms are quite expensive so I currently use an ESD bin with a rod in the middle. It's kind of a pain when you need to change a reel. I saw a really cool bin, but the

Auto Insertion multi purpose workboard holder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 09 03:21:36 EDT 2008 | fnorradd

Hi Steve, The adjustable workboard holders are a mixture of universal and aftermarket, they do not use the clamp down arms which were originally with the universal pbs holders, they are the type which have two grub screws holding the clamps to the h

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 15:21:58 EST 2006 | adlsmt

FYI, if you are using 13" reels, for 8mm parts, you need a different feeder with a larger reel holder. If you get the larger reel holder and if you are using quick change carts, you need the cart for that type of feeder as they also make one that doe

Auto Insertion multi purpose workboard holder

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 08 04:40:43 EDT 2008 | fnorradd

Hi, just wonder if anyone has any recommendations of where i can find spare parts for the adjustable PCB workboard holders ie, clamps, support arms and spring loaded supports etc. Basically looking for everything apart from main plate. Any details

Looking for Tape and Reel Holders

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 24 14:52:40 EDT 2013 | ryansmta

I am in need of two Fuji or Panasonic "tape and reel" holders. I will be using them to hold dummy 0402 and 0201 outline components which have undergone some special treatment and packaged in tape and reel. This is not for SMT application but for s

Looking for Tape and Reel Holders

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 26 17:51:55 EDT 2013 | ryansmta

Thank you for your response and interest to help me with my research work. I am actually in need of the Reel Holder. I am aware of a few services that can package the treated 0402 / 0201 components into a tape and reel. I have also spoken to MidAm

Re: ESD Storage Material for SMT reeled components

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 20:40:11 EST 1998 | Marla

| I am looking for some esd storage containers for tape and reel components in the stockroom. Shelves or bins. Any ideas. | We use the Brick Container conductive heavy duty cardboard reel holders. They are very durable and cost effective.

feeder extension

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 26 20:14:12 EST 2000 | dave

I'm looking for a extension arm to fit on a Zevatech 8mm feeder which will allow us to use a 13" reel instead of the standard 7" reel. Does anyone make these or will I have to buld my own???

Mydata Mount Tools

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 28 16:42:04 EST 2001 | johnthor

While we have nowhere near the volume you do we have bent 2 A-14s in 3 years. One was definitely operator error in that a tape holder arm was left floating the other is unknown as this particular (ex)operator wouldn't admit to knowing the time of da


Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 05 16:42:12 EDT 2016 | jdengler

When the clutch engages the nozzle correctly does it clear the engagement sensor at the end of the brake arm? I don't remember the actual name of this sensor but it clears when the drive gear properly engages the nozzle. This ensures a zero setting

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