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Intermetallics and reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 15:29:14 EDT 2000 | M. F. Roe

I am looking for public papers or articles on intermetallic formation as a function of reflow profile. Most solder paste vendors specify peak temperature and time above liquidus, but I am particularly interested in what happens to intermetallic grow

Flip Chip and lead-free soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 20 16:08:18 EDT 2000 | Grant Baynham

Do you have any experience with flip chip applications using lead-free solder, and specifically do you have any information revealing how the process parameters for standard air reflow atmosphere can be modified to match the results for solder reflow

CSP and BGA soldering difference.

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 08:44:45 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

"Guest" is right, actually. CSP's are essentially BGA's, but typically the pitch and ball diameters are much smaller and in some cases, the pads of the CSP's can not be screen printed. If that's the case, you'd have to have flux-dip capabilities on

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 13:58:54 EST 2007 | ck_the_flip

I made my own wave measuring device using KIC2000 system. KIC2000 has automatic wave detection, so now I have a profiler for both reflow ovens and wave solder. The delmat carrier only cost $500. A guy, Samir, from this forum gave me the idea, actu

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 20:55:46 EDT 2012 | action_101

I forgot to add that we are using a 3 mil stencil. It seems like to me that may be there isn't enough flux left when we reach liquidous?? About half of the solder spheres do melt and wet on each pad, but the top half of each solder joint is just the

Re: Intermetallics and reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 20:24:22 EDT 2000 | Dave F

MF: I know of nothing that addresses your question directly. Let me suggest: * Technical types at your solder supplier should be able to help. * "Effect Of Intermetallic Compounds On The Thermal Fatigue Of Surface Mount Solder Joints" PL Tu, et a

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 19:50:33 EDT 2012 | action_101

Hello, We're building some boards with 01005's and the only issue we are running into is the solder is not reflowing. It's the damnest thing, we are having no issues with the printing process or placing the components, the two areas we thought we wo

01005 components and reflow profiles

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 04:16:20 EDT 2012 | grahamcooper22

you are seeing a typical issue that is caused when such small volumes of paste are printed....there are several reasons for it..the tiny amount of flux in the small deposit becomes exhausted much quicker then it does in a larger deposit ( the flux ma

Epoxy printing and wave soldering on 0603 and 0402 components

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 21:05:06 EDT 1999 | karlin

Hi, I need some urgent informations on stencil design guidelines on how to perform epoxy printing on 0603 and 0402 components. Could anyone help? ( Reflow process is not possible because of some other constriants) Secondly, I need also facing a lo

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 28 11:31:42 EDT 2008 | blnorman

Ideal situation is get a technical rep from the solder paste supplier. They know their paste better, and should be able to work out a profile based on their paste and your oven. Again, a technical rep, not the sales guy.

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