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SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 21:37:12 EST 2015 | dinhhuunam

Hi Bartel , 1.1 Profile Solution to Cold Soldering Cause for Cold soldering The peak temp of reflow is too low. The preheating temp is too high and it takes too long Solution Lower the preheating temp and increase the peak temp in the reflow zone

Time and temp in lead and lead-free reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 09:30:16 EDT 2008 | grics

If you have concerns, you can look at the datasheet for each component or contact one of their application or materials engineers and find out what the components are rated for...process-wise. IE, how long can I be in the oven with this part, at what

Max temp on a lead free part

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 11:00:53 EST 2004 | davef

It's possible your supplier has not thought through the results of their conversion to lead-free throughly. We'd expect something like: Reflow Parameters||Pb Assy||Pb Free Peak Temp.||235�C �5�C||255�C �5�C Time Within 5�C Peak Temp.||20 to 40 sec.|

looking for high temp jedec tray

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 20:12:12 EST 2005 | bkd

Does anyone knows any vendors that supplies jedec precondition tray that could stand up to 270�C peak reflow temperature.

Reflow profile negative temp ramp rates

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 07:41:08 EDT 2002 | johnw

Craig, it depend's n what you want to look at. In term's of te gran structure of the solder jont that's formed when the joint is cooling so you'd want to monitor the temperature drop from the peak or say 215dg C for ref down to probably about 150 an

Electrolytic caps for high temp reflow application

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 12:37:18 EDT 2000 | jonyoder

I am having problems with SMT electrolytic capacitors expanding and changing values after going through our reflow. The reflow profile we use includes temperatures of 200 deg C for 60 seconds and 230 deg C for 30 seconds. We need to use this profil

SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 16:40:54 EST 2015 | duchoang

Could you show us the reflow profile and 0402/0201 pictures? I have had the same situation before just because insufficient solder paste ( Specially on 0201) and maybe not enough heat reflow profile.

SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 16:20:06 EDT 2015 | warwolf

Is this solder lead or lead free? Try look at the delta of the PCB during re-flow, you might find that the smaller parts are being "cooked" faster and burning off the flux.

SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 15:40:08 EST 2015 | mbartel

I'm new in this industry and need a little direction. I have a wide verity of SM parts on a board, top and bottom. The larger components have a very nice reflow, good shine. The 0402/0201's has a dull almost cold solder look. The boards function and

SMT Reflow temp

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 16 10:11:51 EDT 2015 | hugh_manatee

Your solder paste manufacturer’s profile is just a “guideline.” You can customize your profile to meet your product’s need. For better grain-structure (shiney-ness) try a ramp soak spike profile keeping your preheat temps very low before your reflo

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